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The Bride to Be’s One Year Guide to Planning a Wedding

Many women foster hopes of a dream wedding, with everything planned to a fine detail in their head long before there’s even a spouse to exchange vows with. Having concrete ideas of what you want can be surprisingly hard to put into practice if you don’t give yourself the time to do it, or have a set plan and schedule for pulling it together. The complications involved in organising an event grows along with the size of it, so to help you with this goal, we present our Bride’s One Year Guide to Planning a Wedding.
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Ultimate Toothy Sayings List

Every year new expressions and sayings enter the public vocabulary, and old ones lose popularity and fall by the wayside. But some idioms have immense sticking power and have kept kicking around for hundreds – if not thousands – of years. Many of these old-timers allude to the most fundamental of human concepts: our own bodies.

And teeth, being that one strange part of our body that almost everyone will eventually lose yet manage to live without, are a particularly potent icon. Like bones we can see, our overall health can sometimes be inferred from how we treat and care for these important tools. In this era of dentures and teeth implants, we may forget how pivotal teeth were to the many generations of humans that came before us.

With that in mind, let’s take a glance at the origin and meaning of the long-lived and hard-hitting sayings that reference our teeth to describe how we interact with the world. You may find some surprising or enlightening, while others may be downright distasteful!

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The Power of a Whiter Smile

Have you ever felt like you would feel more confident with a whiter smile? Well, a study shows that people look more attractive, self-confident, trustworthy and financially successful with whiter teeth.

We all know first impressions are a big deal! Having a brighter smile can change your level of self-confidence. It makes you more attractive. It makes you look like you take care of yourself. Whiter teeth give you a more healthy and attractive look but faded or yellow teeth look dirty and untidy, and they can ruin the whole appearance of a person.
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Guys, Avoid These Mistakes on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is an event that carries the loftiest of expectations. It’s a common belief that the way you ring in the New Year is an indication of the 365 days ahead. Surely, most of us will make a few mistakes during the epic night, but our style shouldn’t be one of them.  Whether it’s fashion or grooming, guys tend to fumble on a lot of the same points.  If you truly want to make New Year’s Eve a night to remember, keep the following tips in mind.
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Nail that New Year’s Party Style

After the preparation for Christmas family meetups and parties, it’s time sort out the festive outfits and experiment with party looks for the New Year’s Eve Party! This probably has to be one of the favourite parties of the year: it’s an all-night long celebration, where we all get the opportunity to pull out our craziest, most fun outfits and say goodbye to the past year.
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