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6 Gorgeous Wedding Hair & Makeup Combinations

Choosing the perfect bridal hair and makeup is just as important as choosing the wedding gown itself – a beautiful hair and makeup combination will make you truly glow and look your best on your big day and on the pictures as well. We gathered six absolute favorite bridal hair and makeup trends at the moment, for every bride from edgy and bold, to soft and natural!

Wedding Makeup No.1: Peachy Goddess

image via wedding.com

Regardless of your skin tone, hair and eye color, this makeup will look absolutely flattering on you! It is definitely a very simple, yet stunning makeup look that creates the illusion of natural, blushed porcelain skin. Instead of masking your face, emphasize your features with a sheer coverage foundation and a peach shimmery blush. Leave your brows natural and a bit thin, and follow your natural eye shape with a dark brown or black eyeliner instead of creating a bold cat eye look. Since the color palette of this look is very neutral, a pop of black on your eyelids and lashes will make the makeup look subtle yet still interesting. Use a warm, peach lipstick on your lips and matte it down with a hint of translucent powder.

Wedding Makeup No.2: Soft Smokey

image via wedding.com

A refined, shaped smokey eye is one of the most popular bridal makeup looks, because it keeps the focus on the eyes without being too over the top or edgy. If you are not a fan of grey and black eyeshadow, try out a mix of mauve and brown shades on your lids and a rose pink lipstick. Because a heavy eyeshadow can make your lashes ‘’disappear’, use a pair of natural looking false lashes, and finish your look with a nude or peachy pink lipstick. 

Wedding Makeup No.3: Classic Red Lips

image via wedding.com

Depending on your skin tone, make sure to choose the perfect red shade of lipstick to flatter your smile and skin tone. If your skin has cool undertones, a berry or icy red color is an amazing choice, but for girls with warm undertones, deep, brownish and burgundy reds will look stunning. Because it will be a long day, matte lipsticks and liquid lipsticks are more comfortable and practical options. To complement the vintage red lipstick, choose a red undertone blush (a very light, pastel red or fresh rose) and add false lashes to open up your eyes a bit more.

Wedding Hair No.1: Boho Chic Floral

image via wedbook.com

We couldn’t imagine a more perfect hairstyle for beach or shabby chic weddings! The combination of floral details and soft, messy curls will go amazingly with more simple, minimalistic dresses, as well as with beautiful lace gowns. Our favorite flowers would have to be light pink roses or lilies in your hair, but if you are feeling really experimental, why not try out a pop of color with a sunflower accessory or wear an all-white flower crown instead of the regular tiaras? To achieve this boho chic look, use a curler to create loose waves and create different sections in your hair, so the curls will all look a bit different.

Wedding Hair No.2: Crown Braid

image via wedbook.com

Halo braids became very popular these past seasons, and besides other special occasions, this look is also great for weddings. The beautiful braided crown frames the face beautifully while creating an overall romantic effect, so it’s perfect if you have a lace maxi dress or a wedding gown with a sweetheart neckline. Create a side part in your hair line and start braiding the front section of your hair, starting from the top of your head all the way down. Once the braided crown is done, secure it into place with bobby pins and hair spray. If you would like to make your hairstyle more romantic and interesting, simply add a few small flowers or bows to the braided section.

Wedding Hair No.3: Bombshell Waves

image via pinterest.com

If you are not a huge fan of the boho chic or more hip romantic hairstyles, the classic bombshell wave hairstyle is the perfect choice for you. To recreate this look, use a texturizing spray that will give a hold to your curls and keep them long lasting throughout the day. You can make this hairstyle even more voluminous by creating a mid-part and softly teasing your hair before starting to curl your locks.

You and the whole bridal party want to look your absolute best on the big day so we’ve helped by putting together some tips to help the whole wedding party prepare their beauty routine with our beauty bootcamp for the bridal party.


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DIY Bridal Beauty Tips for the Budget Savvy Bride

DIY Bridal Beauty Tips for the Budget Savvy Bride


Feel like using some of your creative energy? Use it to DIY your perfect wedding right from your own home. You can make everything from decor and invitations to custom fashion pieces and accessories all by yourself. The cost of a wedding can quickly spiral out of control and become overwhelming, so if there are ways to cut down on the budget for the big day then we recommend trying it. It’s true that DIY takes some extra time and effort, but there’s a huge payoff. You’ll be saving money and your wedding will have a unique, one-of-a-kind feel that you can’t buy in a store. Even brides who aren’t very craft-inclined can make DIY wedding magic using our tips.

Do Your Own Makeup

We’re sure you have masses of amazing makeup already stashed around your bathroom, so why not utilize what you’ve already got rather than hiring a makeup artist? We live in the age of the internet, and you can learn how to do literally any beauty or makeup look from YouTube tutorials. Test-drive your look before your big day to make sure you have everything you need and master the techniques you’ll be using. Otherwise, enlist a makeup savvy bridesmaid or girlfriend to help you out. After all, no one can say no to the bride!



Do Your Own Hair

DIY bridal hair styles

If you’re a simple type of gal, we recommend doing your own hair and saving money on an expensive stylist. After all, you’ve done your own hair thousands of times before, so why not today? As long as you have a flat iron, a curler, and plenty of hairspray and bobby pins, you cannot go wrong with doing your own ‘do’. Obviously, the easiest bridal hairstyle to do at home is loose, simple curls which you can achieve with a curling wand. We love this look with middle parted hair and perhaps even two small braids pulled back on each side. You can also learn how to do a variety of ornate looking braids and up dos online. Again, do a test drive before the big day to make sure you have all the products and techniques down. Remember, practice makes perfect.

Whiten Your Teeth At Home

Weddings are all about the details. We know you’ve got your beauty routine planned out to the very last detail, but don’t scrimp on the small stuff. You absolutely must whiten your teeth before the big day. Since professional teeth whitening can be super expensive and it can take months to get an appointment, why not try an effective, at-home teeth whitening system kit, or try some teeth whitening strips?


A Store-bought Dress Isn’t Always the Best Dress

Recycle a wedding dress

If your mom, grandma, aunt, or friend is handy with a needle and thread, enlist them to make you a custom, one-of-a-kind wedding dress. Since most people aren’t lucky enough to have a friend who knows how to sew couture-level wedding gowns, check out the wedding pictures from the women in your family and see if any of them would be willing to gift you their vintage wedding dress. Vintage is always a yes, and we’re sure one of your female relatives would be honored to loan you their retired wedding gown. If their gowns are outdated, never fear. Even with minimal sewing skills, you can rework an old dress to create a modern, magical gown. It’s just a matter of getting rid of those shoulder pads, tailoring the silhouette, and perhaps letting out a hem or two. Get creative!

Raid your grandma’s jewelry box

As the old adage goes, you need something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue to ensure a happy marriage. With vintage accessories from your mother, aunts, or grandma, you can knock out both borrowed and old. We love vintage gold jewelry, especially when it comes to earrings and necklaces. They’re funky and unique. If the jewelry you find at your grandma’s house is a little worse for the wear, never fear. Pick up some polish at your local craft store and get scrubbing. Those pieces will be restored to their former glory in no time. 

Create a Fresh Hair Piece

Get crafty with hair accessories

Flower crowns are just so perfectly lovely for a garden wedding. They look wonderful holding down a veil and they give you that magical, fairy princess look. Who isn’t on board for that? A fresh flower crown is actually one of the easiest DIY accessories. You can use the same flowers from your bouquet to keep with your color scheme and avoid a trip to the backyard or to a florist. Simply select three flowers to begin and loosely braid the stems together, adding more flowers along the way, the same way you would with a French braid. Once the flower string is long enough, pin the ends together into a crown shape, and finish off the crown by sticking leaves, flowers, and ribbons into the braid. Easy, classic, and gorgeous.

So there you have some top tips for brides on a budget looking to get creative and add that personal touch to the most important day of your life. Whether you want a mix of DIY and store bought for your big day, see the bride’s one year guide to planning a wedding for some excellent planning tips. We wish you all the happiness in the world as you plan your perfect day!

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Beauty Bootcamp For the Bridal Party

Photo: Perry Vale



We all know from experience that exercise doesn’t produce results overnight, that our faces rage red for days after a facial, that a dream haircut sometimes turns into a disaster that needs to be grown out and restyled, that fresh nail polish chips, and pimples surface the day of an important event which cannot be concealed by even the thickest coverup. But we’re all about positivity here. Instead of dwelling on the negative, we ask ourselves what bridesmaids-to-be can learn from horror stories of well-intentioned beauty procedures gone wrong. Here’s our answer. There is but one rule to always keep in mind: timing is everything, especially when plotting out your pre-wedding beauty bootcamp. A flawless wedding requires a lot of advance planning, not just for the bride but for members of the bridal party as well. So here we have a timeline of everything you should do to prepare for the wedding and exactly when you should do it.

6 Months Before the Wedding

Image: thegymdoctor.net



Start getting healthy. Begin a workout regimen, and by a workout regimen, we don’t mean just putting in 30 minutes on the elliptical a few times per week. Devise a plan that tightens and tones your lower half as well as your core and your upper body. This type of plan has you hitting the gym 3-4 days a week, working different muscles every day. Don’t fall for the oft-repeated mantra that since you’re working out you can eat like a pig: keep your diet the same or make a few healthy changes, if you so desire. And don’t forget to take your vitamins! They take time to work, which is why they’re often forgotten. But after a few months of daily vitamin intake, you’ll notice your hair, skin, and nails look better than ever.

3 Months Before the Big Day

Devise your hair and makeup plan. Before you make any irreversible decisions like chopping off your locks to get that super cute pixie cut you’ve always wanted to try out, start by consulting the bride. She may want the bridesmaids wearing similar hairstyles and makeup, so keep her vision in mind when deciding on your individual look.

Get your dress fitted, but schedule another fitting a few weeks before the big day. You don’t want to be that one bridesmaid whose dress won’t stay up because she skipped her fitting, and if you’re continuously working out, your dress will require some extra pins and tucks. Also, make sure you know what shoes and accessories you’re wearing: if you are planning on ordering these pieces online, order them sooner than later. We all know that despite all its convenience and glory, online orders can take forever to ship, you might receive the wrong size, or your package might get lost, so order in advance and have a plan to straighten out any problems that might arise.

Begin whitening your teeth. Teeth whitening isn’t a one-time kind of gig. It takes days or weeks to show results and requires weekly or monthly upkeep. You can whiten your teeth from home using a do-it-yourself LED whitening system or whitening strips. Follow the instructions that come with your product to get the full teeth whitening benefits.

6 Weeks before the Wedding Day

Schedule all your pre-wedding beauty appointments. You should fit in a facial no less than two weeks before the wedding, or you may have the dreaded red face scenario. Around this time, you should also schedule a trim to lop all the split ends off your hair, as well as a touchup to your color or highlights. Make a mani-pedi appointment as close to the day of the wedding as possible, but not on the day itself or your wet nails might ruin your lovely bridesmaid dress.

The Week of the Wedding

The week of the wedding is upkeep week. You’ll be busy with plenty of bridesmaid duties, so this isn’t a time to be traipsing off to the salon leaving the bride and the other bridesmaids to deal with the wedding arrangements all by themselves, unless you want to be swiftly removed from her friends list and disinvited to the ceremony. Instead, make sure you’re doing face masks at home, moisturizing daily, drinking plenty of water and not partying too much. Your workout schedule will probably be put on pause this week, so be especially careful about eating clean so as not to undo all your months of hard work. Your body will thank you the day of the wedding.

The Day of the Wedding


Image: Outreachr.com



As part of the bridesmaid squad it’s your job to ensure the bride has everything she needs on hand. Check your list of responsibilities to ensure you know exactly what, when and how everything needs to be done. Hopefully you will have had the required amount of beauty sleep the night before and will have your own dress, bag, makeup and accessories ready to go so you can get straight to those bridesmaid duties while looking effortlessly chic and beautiful yourself!

Meanwhile, if you're helping the bride plan the wedding pick up some great hints and tips with the bride's one year guide to planning a wedding!

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The Gift of Beauty that will last past the Wedding Day

If you’re going to a wedding, you’re probably wondering how to choose the perfect gift for the happy couple. Wedding guests generally give homewares like toasters or blenders, or they buy something off a registry. But when our nearest and dearest tie the knot, we prefer to gift them with something a touch more personal. Beauty gifts are a great supplement to gifts off a registry, and they’re super fun to give and receive. To give you some ideas, we’ve rounded up some of the best beauty gifts to bring a beauty-obsessed bride, to keep her gorgeous as she begins this new chapter in her life and after all the confetti has been cleared away.

1. Emergency Beauty Kit

As the couple is probably preparing to head out on their honeymoon, an emergency beauty kit that the bride can throw into her carry on bag, or take with her in her purse wherever she goes, will be a much appreciated token. We’re sure you’ve seen these emergency beauty kits, which include essentials like tweezers, nail clippers, mini sewing kits, bobby pins, deodorant wipes and more that quickly remedy any unexpected beauty problem that may pop up. This gift is super handy, yet most women don’t think about how much they need an emergency beauty kit until after the beauty problem arises, making it the perfect gift for the bride who loves to plan ahead.

2. Beautiful Blue Nail Polish

Image: Bestproducts.com

As the rhyme goes, every bride needs something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue to ensure good luck on her big day. With a gift of gorgeous blue nail polish, you’ll knock out two birds with one stone. As nail polish trends come and go with the seasons, the one you gift should be appropriate for the time of year and should provide a good match to the bride’s honeymoon attire. You’ll check all of these boxes if you gift an assortment of cute shades. Be warned with this one, as nail polishes are pretty inexpensive, it may be a good idea to supplement a gift of nail polish with a bigger gift from our list.

3. Teeth Whitening Kit

With all the smiling the blushing bride will be doing on her wedding day and in the following months and years, she’ll want to keep her smile pearly and magnificent. You’ll help her eliminate all those costly, irritating trips to the dentist by gifting her with an at-home teeth whitening kit. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, and it’s something she surely doesn’t already have at home. Pearly Whites Australia offers a home LED whitening system which will add that lovely white gleam to the bride’s smile. Another option is whitening strips, like these coconut and charcoal ones.

4. Makeup Palettes

If there’s one thing every woman covets, it’s a top of the line makeup palette. Offerings like the Naked Eyeshadow Palette by Urban Decay have gained cult-like followings among makeup lovers. Now, there are palettes for bronzers and highlighters too! Palettes include a variety of shades, tones, and hues for all skin tones and occasions. Ask your friend what her most-wanted palette is and take a trip to your local beauty store to pick it up. This is one unexpected gift which will be cherished by any bride. The bride will surely thank you for this one!

5. Lip Care Kit

What’s the first thing every couple does after they pronounce the magic words “I Do?” Plant a huge “Just Married” smooch on their lover, of course! High end lip exfoliant, moisturizing balm, and lip plumper will come in handy for their first kiss as man and wife, so you may even want to give the bride this present before the ceremony. If you can’t find a moment to do so amid all the pre-wedding chaos, never fear. Lip care kits are a complete necessity for after the ceremony too, especially if it’s a fall or winter wedding.

6. A Year-Long Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are the gift that keeps on giving. They are an amazing gift for the bride who is obsessed with beauty trends and loves finding new makeup brands and fun products.

Here’s how it works: popular subscription boxes like BirchBox and FabFitFun deliver a monthly box full of goodies from mascara to macaroons, right to your door. Buying the blushing bride a subscription box is a way to give her many thoughtful, heartfelt gifts, and because of the huge variety there is no risk that she won’t love the present. Also, many box services offer monthly payments, making them a more affordable choice than an expensive present you have to pay for all at once.

7. Fragrance Set

It’s always nice to have a little variety in your perfume collection, but splurging on multiple perfumes often seems extravagant and irresponsible to purchase for oneself. Their extravagance is precisely what makes them the perfect present with which to celebrate the big wedding day. You can curate an assortment of the bride’s favorite designer perfumes and artfully arrange them in a basket filled with tissue paper to create your own, customized fragrance sampler kit. Otherwise, you can buy a prepackaged kit from one of the heavy-hitting perfume brands.

So there you have it - 6 fab gift ideas to keep the blushing bride beautiful long past her wedding day.If you're helping the bride to plan her big day, our DIY Bridal Beauty Tips for the Budget Savvy Bride is a great resource to help with the planning while sticking to a budget. 

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The Bride to Be’s One Year Guide to Planning a Wedding

Many women foster hopes of a dream wedding, with everything planned to a fine detail in their head long before there’s even a spouse to exchange vows with. Having concrete ideas of what you want can be surprisingly hard to put into practice if you don’t give yourself the time to do it, or have a set plan and schedule for pulling it together. The complications involved in organising an event grows along with the size of it, so to help you with this goal, we present our Bride’s One Year Guide to Planning a Wedding.

1 Year Out From the Wedding

This is the time when guests should now be officially invited, which means any last-minute trimming of the guest list has to be tackled. Painful but often necessary, the fear of offending a distant relative or friend must be weighed against the stress of budget blowout. A wedding bonbonniere sent in the mail to those you cannot manage to invite might help those who can’t come - either of their own volition or due to space – feel part of the event.

Research suitable vendors for the event, with a firm grasp on available budget for each one and trying to find reviews where possible. Using vendors that are partnered suppliers to your venue may save money and stress, but could also limit choice, and even possibly be more expensive. Now is the time to explore your options so you can make solid decisions in the next several months.

Shortlist the dresses that have caught your eye, or try to compile a list of required dress features, desired dress features that can be compromised, and budget available. This will help you easily and quickly screen dresses without being too sentimental about how lovely they appear in the model’s photo shoot! It may seem like there is just “the one perfect” dress, but the internet should quickly show you there’s options everywhere. Knuckle down and make your shortlist now to avoid the stress of choosing closer to the date.

In conjunction with choosing your dress, decide if you need to lose any weight for the occasion and make your weight loss plan. Choose a realistic goal and achievable diet plans you will be able to stick to for the year. Most importantly, don’t purchase a dress based on the weight you hope to be! Remember a dress can nearly always be made smaller – but it can’t be made bigger!

Decide whether you will use a registry, some other gift system or eschew gifts altogether. Guests often like to be told what is expected, and they like options! Make a couple of registries with different places, make sure to include items for all budgets, and if possible choose registries that allow guests to write in and “tick off” items they have purchased elsewhere.

6 Months to Go

This is the time when you would ideally like to have most of your vendors booked, explicitly informed of your choices and any down payments made. Your priority is securing that outcome; last minute changes are stressful, and the earlier a vendor is booked the more time you have to pay the balance or save up money to keep your cashflow steady.

Even services you could normally book with little time window, such as transportation and accommodation for the night, might prove to be difficult or expensive if you leave it to the last minute.

A checklist of the usual suspects includes:

  • Florist
  • Make-up Artist
  • Hair Stylist
  • Photographer
  • Ceremony Officiant
  • DJ/Musicians
  • Accommodation for yourself or guests you are responsible for
  • Caterer (if separate from venue)
  • Decorator (if separate from venue)
  • Chauffeur
  • Baker

This is the ideal window for prepping your skin to be at its very best. Facial treatments that provide the best results long-term, such as intensive masks, microdermabrasion, acid peels, and laser and light therapies should begin now. These can make the skin flare up or discolour initially, so make sure you leave plenty of time to have the treatment and let your skin settle back down. Teeth whitening can also begin now to ensure good, solid results with diy home whitening products. Delay getting hair extensions or foils until closer to the date.

Purchase or organize the hire of any equipment your venue will not provide, such as a wishing well, easels for floor plan or other announcements, guest book, cake stand, special cake knife, etc. Be sure to check what a venue provides as those that regularly host weddings may have these already available.

1 Month Left for Preparations!

If all has gone according to plan, this time should be for your final “touch-up” moments to ensure everything is perfect.

But in all likelihood, that will NOT be the case, and you’ll be rushing around to put out last-minute fires. At this stage, your ability to compromise will be tested once again, not by your spouse or your families, but by merciless reality; the weather looks like rain, the baker got part of your order wrong, or the venue wants you to finish the party early.

If you are receiving presents early from those who can’t attend, write out thank-you notes promptly even if you decide to delay to send them all together. The enjoyment of receiving the gift and memory of who got what will be more sincere if done immediately.

The stress and drama of these blows will only escalate unless you’re willing to take some of them on the chin, but to avoid having the wedding feel more like a trial then a celebration, make sure that you don’t compromise on yourself.

1 Week Left

You need “me time” now more than ever, both to ensure you’re looking your best and buffer you from the wedding craziness. This is the ideal time to get hair treatments and massages, but avoid any intensive skin treatments, as these can cause breakouts. Stick to a high-quality maintenance schedule and don’t give in to temptation to experiment. “Touch-ups” of your previous beauty treatments, such as hair dying or extensions, eyelash dying, eyebrow shaping or teeth whitening are advisable.

Even if you have quadruple-checked your hair and make-up appointments, take the time to practise putting on your best face yourself in case things go wrong. Besides, you will feel more bridal and confident looking wedding-worthy before the big event arrives.

1 Day to Go

On the eve of your wedding day, you may be staying at a hotel with your bridal party, or at home with your family. Hopefully all your lists and spreadsheets will be ticked off and double checked and you can spend the day finishing any final touches. Don’t be afraid to delegate any last minute follow up phone calls to vendors or photographers to your maid of honour. Have a bubble bath and relax, before getting to bed as early as you can. Of course with all the excitement it can be tempting to stay up chatting later than you should but you need that beauty sleep.

On the Day

The day you have been waiting for is finally here! Ensure you have a healthy breakfast before you start getting ready, it could be a while before you eat again and you certainly don’t want to be hungry when walking up the aisle. Check your bridesmaids have that bag of essentials on hand for any makeup touch ups, and of course tissues for those tears of joy.

Once you have had your hair and makeup done, and have put on that dream wedding dress, take a moment to breathe and remember what this important day is all about. It is a day of celebrating, uniting with the man you adore, and of forging a life and future together.

And now, to the final thing on your wedding to-do list, marry the love of your life!

Image: jetfeteblog.com

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