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Wedding Insecurities and how to Overcome Them

From natural self-doubters to the most confident brides, weddings can easily bring out unexpected insecurities in every bride. Besides the excitement of planning and preparing for your Big Day, there are also various stressful situations that can be difficult to cope with, but don’t worry, every insecurity has an easy solution!

The Biggest Bridal Insecurities (And How to Overcome Them)

Not Looking Your Best

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This has to be one of the biggest insecurities of brides. Regardless of all the preparation, beauty salon appointments and endless search for the dress, you might still feel like you are not looking your prettiest on your big day.

Solve it by…
… building up your confidence and only choosing details (your dress, hair, makeup, and manicure) that you genuinely like. Ask for different opinions if you are unsure about your makeup or details, but always listen to your instinct when making the final decision. This feeling can easily be overwhelming, especially in the whole process of organizing, but if you feel good and confident about your look, you won’t have any second thoughts. Experiment with different looks before your wedding to find the one that suits you the most and makes you feel the most comfortable. Start preparing early (start teeth whitening and tanning a month before the big day for a pearly white smile and a beautiful, gradual tan) and make sure to book appointments for a makeup artist and hairdresser you really like and trust.

Not Having Enough Guests

Whether it’s your bridal shower, bachelorette party, engagement party or the big day itself, one of the most common fear of brides is that they won’t have enough guests.

Solve it by…
… trying to organize everything as soon as possible. Gather all the names, send out the invitations and don’t be afraid to ask people and talk about your wedding with others. If you have a smaller friend and family circle, that is completely fine as well. Don’t feel pressured to invite everyone! It’s your big day, so make sure to only surround yourself with people who are close to you and who will be happy to celebrate the big day with you.

Ceremony Chaos

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Empty dance floors, being late, bad weather and all the other coincidences that can create chaos during your big day.

Solve it by…

…knowing you are doing your best to have the most amazing wedding day can be a huge help in fighting this insecurity. Instead of stressing about it too much, accept the fact that unfortunate coincidences can happen, but a small mishap can’t ruin your big day! Instead of worrying, be confident that even if a problem suddenly comes up, you will still have an amazing time.

Complaining Guests

The food is not good enough, the weather is too cold, the ceremony started late…there are always a few bitter guests who can complain about anything.

Solve it with…
…a positive attitude is the best remedy towards complaining. All the guests who you invite should focus on you and your fiancé, so don’t stress too much about them and don’t let complaints ruin your big day! As the bride, even if you see an unhappy guest, you can solve the problem with a smile and a few kind words.

Not Enjoying The Wedding

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Even though you organized it for months and paid a lot for the wedding, you are worrying about not enjoying it enough.

Solve it by…
…focusing on the positive side and true meaning of the wedding, which is celebrating your happiness. Some things might not go the way you originally planned, but that should never take away from the experience.

Fight The Feeling

A little anxiety in these situations is completely normal, but once you start overthinking, it all becomes a vicious circle, so don’t forget to stay relaxed about it – or at least try to. You are doing your best to ensure things are going right, and always keep in your head the aim of your wedding: celebrating your love and relationship with your loved ones. If you let these thoughts gather into a huge self-doubt in your head, you might miss out on actually enjoying your big day.

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