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Professional Teeth Whitening Kit
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Home teeth whitening kit from Pearly Whites
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Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

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It has never been easier to get the Hollywood celebrity smile you’ve always wanted. Save hundreds of dollars in dentist bills and get a dazzlingly bright smile in the comfort of your own home with the Pearly Whites Professional teeth whitening kit.

This is the best teeth whitening kit available, and comes complete with everything you need for a Pearly White smile, including our world-famous, hugely popular 35% carbamide peroxide whitening formula.



3 x 3ml Whitening Gel - 35% carbamide peroxide (12-15 treatments)
1 x 3ml Desensitization Gel - replaces minerals, seals your results and soothes after whitening
2 x Moldable Trays - one each for top and bottom teeth
1 x Tray Case - keeps your re-usable whitening trays germ free and safe
1 x LED Light - activates the whitening gel and speeds up the whitening process
1 x Color Chart - chart the progress of your celebrity smile
1 x Instruction Manual - a full list of instructions for the best and safest whitening results


Pearly Whites only uses the highest grade ingredients in our whitening gel, and we are dedicated to creating the best quality kits available. We pride ourselves on our incredible results and love to see our customers’ rave reviews. Get a Pearly Whites Professional Teeth Whitening Kit now and experience the difference to your own #pearlywhites.


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The key to getting genuinely brighter teeth is to not just whiten the surface but to also remove stains that are buried deeper in your teeth. The Pearly Whites teeth whitening system uses a carbamide peroxide gel to remove stains deep down in your teeth. These teeth whitening kits come with a high quality, powerful LED light which helps to activate the formula and lighten your teeth faster.

Kits like these are significantly more effective than other methods for whitening your teeth, such as toothpastes that contain mild abrasives and polishing agents. Pearly Whites also offers the best teeth whitener in the form of a Starter Pack, a high quality option designed to be affordable.

Most toothpastes sold as teeth whiteners have very small amounts of active ingredients, usually around 0.1%. High quality dental bleaching and whitening kits give much better results and work significantly faster than toothpastes.


Dental Bleaching and Teeth Whitening Kits

The best teeth whitening kit should be safe and easy to use, whilst achieving results. The Pearly Whites dental whitening kit, with LED accelerator light and mouth guard, is designed specifically for this purpose.

The formula uses carbamide peroxide as the main agent for removing stains. This will be applied safely by using the reusable mouth trays provided.

Since the process of bleaching your teeth can make them sensitive, provided is a desensitization gel. This helps to restore minerals and seal the results for longer results.

You will also find a useful color chart and instruction manual within the package. This can help you to track your progress and apply everything safely.

How Much Does It Cost to Whiten Teeth?

How much does it cost to whiten teeth?

Dental bleaching ranges from cheap drugstore options to pricey cosmetic dentistry treatments carried out in the dentist’s office. The price primarily depends on these few factors:

  • Time – want a pearly white smile by tonight? That will likely cost you a fair amount more than if you can wait a few days or weeks. The speed with which you want to see a positive outcome will impact how much you are going to pay. This is because faster acting whiteners have more aggressive whitening agents that will cost more. Having said that, people who have used the Pearly Whites dental bleaching kits often report outstanding whitening results after a single treatment.
  • Tooth Shades – much like how long it takes to whiten, how much brighter you want your smile to be will affect the price you pay. If you just want to slightly lighten them with a daily whitening toothpaste, then it will typically cost around $10 per tube but it will require daily use, take a long time to see any significant difference and is unlikely to achieve anything other than a shade or two lighter. If you are looking for amazingly whiter teeth, you will have to pay for more powerful kits or methods that will give you the fast wow factor you want. The Pearly Whites Professional tooth whitening kit uses a relatively high percentage of active ingredients to help you achieve outstanding results while at the same time including a desensitization gel in the unlikely event of tooth or gum sensitivity.
  • Method– If you choose the cosmetic dentistry or local dentist in-office option, then you will need to be prepared to spend upwards of $500 to brighten your smile. This is because you are paying for the product as well as the dentist’s time. If you choose a dentist dispensed take-home kit, then you may be able to get professional outcomes for less than in office appointments however many dentists require that you first undergo in chair treatments which significantly increases the overall cost of the take away kit. If you choose an OTC option - like the Pearly Whites Best Friends Pack - you will likely pay the least for comparable results and save a small fortune on follow up treatments and maintenance.
  • Each at-home whitening kit will come with helpful instructions that can aid in your decision making process. You need to decide how much you want to spend, how quickly you want to see results, and how dramatically different you want your smile to look. Once you have made up your mind, you can check the available options to find the whitening methods that match your requirements.



    Where to buy Teeth Whitening kits

    The best place to purchase home teeth whitening kits are online, or over-the-counter. Which is best for you will largely depend on your preference and availability.

    The Pearly Whites teeth whitening device is available for purchase above, and processed then dispatched quickly. We also include Free Shipping across the USA for your convenience.

    You can find out more about over-the-counter teeth whitening in our blog article. This explores the difference between professional dentists and whitening kits.


    Yes, teeth whitening kits are safe to use on your teeth.

    The Pearly Whites system includes all the necessary instructions and safety information required. There are reusable mouth trays provided for both your upper and lower teeth.

    The best way to whiten teeth

    Once you have used the peroxide gel to remove stains from your teeth, you will need to restore the minerals on your tooth enamel. We provide a desensitizing gel, formulated for sensitive teeth, to help your teeth recover from the bleaching process.

    After the tooth whitening session, instructions may recommend avoiding acidic food and drink for a period of time while the enamel recovers.

    You should avoid using hydrogen peroxide based whitening kits if you are pregnant or nursing a child. However, our coconut and charcoal whitening strips are still safe to use as a gentler alternative.

    You should never use carbamide peroxide if your gums are cut or inflamed. Furthermore, if you have sensitive teeth or cavities, you may wish to use a natural remedy instead.


    Keep your teeth bright and white

    Dental bleaching works by using carbamide peroxide to soften the enamel and bleach stains deep inside. When used correctly, in-chair bleaching and gel syringe kits are safe and can be highly effective in helping to whiten your teeth. The use of an accelerator such as ultraviolet light can enhance the effect.

    The other popular method in dentist offices is laser whitening procedures. Instead of using ultraviolet light to activate the gel, these use heat. This must be done with care as it can cause damage to nerves if not properly performed by a dentist.

    The Pearly Whites teeth whitening kit uses an LED light to activate the gel. These activate the formula and gently penetrates the enamel to break up stains and discoloration.


    What causes tooth discoloration Tooth discoloration is caused by a variety of factors, including your age, diet, medication, and smoking. These are often treated through the use of effective teeth whitening and dental bleaching.

    Foods that are acidic, such as citrus fruits and apples can weaken the tooths enamel. Brushing your teeth too soon afterwards can further erode the enamel. Drinks such as coffee, tea, and wine will also contribute towards discoloration of your teeth.

    The other factor that can lead to discolored teeth is poor dental hygiene. You can read our guide to good oral hygiene tips for more information.


    The best way to whiten teethBefore embarking on any teeth whitening expedition, you may first wish to consult with a dentist. Their professional expertise and opinions are valuable in making the right decisions.

    If you’re looking for fast results, then dental bleaching will achieve that. Either by booking an appointment in advance at your registered dentist, or by simply ordering home teeth whitening kits you can buy online.

    Our teeth whitening system helps to remove stains deep rooted in the enamel using an active agent. This gel contains carbamide peroxide and when exposed to light, it will gently lift out any discoloration on your teeth.

    Comparing Your Whitening Options

    Two professional teeth whitening kits to brighten up your smilesThe type of tooth bleaching approach you use really depends on your preference, time constraints, and budget. The three most common categories are:

  • In-Office – this is the most expensive option available because it requires being under the supervision of a dental professional. You will need to schedule a consultation with a dentist or other cosmetic dentistry professional who will assess your oral health and determine if you are a good candidate for a course of treatment. If you are approved, the professional will typically use a bleaching gel that is activated by a strong UV light to lighten your teeth. This process normally takes about 1 hour and can cost anywhere from $500, depending on the dental clinic you visit.
  • Dentist Take-Home Kits – these kits must be dispensed by dental professionals and they contain many of the same bleaching chemicals as the in-office treatment methods. The difference is that these kits can be done at home. You will need to request that your dentist or oral health care provider order a kit, and when you pick it up they will give you instructions on how to use the kit to maximize your results. These kits vary in time commitment from days to weeks and typically cost a few hundred dollars. It is worth noting that many dentists will require you to pay for a consultation, and in some cases an in chair whitening treatment, before allowing you to purchase a take home kit.
  • At Home Systems – bleaching your teeth at home using an over the counter (OTC) kit is one of the most popular options because it fits into most budgets and schedules. You are able to carry out the treatment at a time and place that suits you and you can choose the option that fits your budget and shade goals. Whiteners like toothpastes can cost just a few dollars at the store, but will take a fairly long time to work when compared with more powerful OTC options. Other at home whitening systems are gel kits, pens and strips. These options typically cost under $100 and can give you visible results after just one treatment, although they may require regular use before you see a significant improvement or achieve your desired tooth shade.
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