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How Safe is it to Whiten Your Teeth?

style="text-align: justify;"It seems like some people will do anything to achieve the beauty standards they desire. But what is the cost? Of course you want to get a dazzling white smile, but you probably have some concerns about how safe some of these whiteners are for your teeth. How do these products transform a yellow smile into a white one, and are you doing any damage to your teeth when you use them? Read on to learn more about what teeth whitening products are made of, and how safe they really are to use on your teeth.

What is in Whitening Products?

First, it is good to know what ingredients are typically used in tooth whiteners. The American Dental Association (ADA) has the following to say “Whitening products may be administered by dentists in the dental office, dispensed by dentists for home-use, or purchased over-the-counter (OTC), and can be categorized into two major groups:

  • Peroxide-containing bleaching agents; and
  • Whitening toothpastes (dentifrices).”

These two types of products make up the majority of whitening methods. However, there are also some recipes for making your own at-home whitening pastes that do not require any chemicals at all, including making pastes from activated charcoal. Not all whitening methods contain chemicals, but how safe are teeth whitening products?

Are These Products Safe?

For the most part, the whitening products on the market have been proven to be safe as Colgate explains, “Teeth whitening techniques have been well evaluated over the years, and the results obtained both in the dental office and at home are virtually guaranteed.” These products and methods have undergone extensive studies and evaluations into their effects on teeth before they reach the homes (and mouths) of consumers.

The products are safe because they are not designed to impact the structure of your teeth, as the Dear Doctor website explains, “Generally speaking, whitening is safe because the chemicals used to attack the organic molecules do not materially affect the mineral structure of the tooth itself.” Most whitening products are designed to erase surface stains on your teeth caused by years of acidic and staining foods and drinks that leave your teeth dull and yellow. These stains are on the tooth’s surface, and are easily whitened away without harming the integrity of your teeth.

If you are especially concerned about the safety of whitening, then consider going to your dentist to get their professional advice on whether or not your teeth are suitable for bleaching.

Potential Issues

An unfortunate side effect of the whitening process is tooth sensitivity. While using the products is typically safe, they might still cause some tooth pain. Luckily, the sensitivity should not last long and will fade in time once you stop using the whitening product. If you are experiencing some dental pain, avoid beverages that are served at extreme temperatures and hot, spicy foods. As always, if your teeth are causing you a lot of pain, then you should visit your dentist to make sure everything is all right.

While the sensitivity is an unpleasant part of teeth whitening for some people, it is likely only temporary. Once you finish your treatment method, it should subside. The Pearly Whites Professional Kit comes with a desensitization gel to help replace minerals, seal your results and soothe after whitening.

Make an Informed Choice

If you want to whiten your teeth and have any concerns regarding your dental health or sensitivity issues, then talk to your dentist first. After all, no one knows your teeth better than they do! If you do the research and choose your whitening product and method wisely, then you will be able to safely and effectively whiten your smile.

[Click here for the Pearly Whites frequently asked questions]


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Celebrate National Drink Wine Day 18th of Feb

Have any plans for Saturday, February 18th? Now you do! It’s National Drink Wine Day in the United States. If you love drinking wine, this is the holiday for you. It doesn’t matter if you're a fan of red wine, white wine, or rose, National Drink Wine Day is here for all wine drinkers to enjoy their favorite beverage.

Did You Know?

Image: Peerwell

You might have heard rumors flying about wine actually being good for you. Yes, this might sound absolutely crazy at first. Typically, we think of drinking wine as an indulgence reserved for special occasions, and typically paired with a delicious food like cheese or dessert.

Now, it’s time for you to know the truth! Many sources actually do report that wine can be healthy (in moderation of course). Here are some of the benefits that Food & Wine says you might get from drinking wine:

  • Drinking wine can help you live longer. Apparently, a study conducted by Finnish researchers found that people who drink wine have a 34% lower mortality rate than beer or spirits drinkers.
  • Drinking wine can reduce your risk of heart disease. This is for you red wine lovers out there. Red wines specifically contain both procyanidins and tannins which reports claim can shield you against heart disease.
  • Drinking wine can make you less prone to getting cataracts. If you drink a moderate amount of any type of alcohol you’ll be 32% less at risk of cataracts than people who don’t drink. Even better, if you’re a wine drinker you are 43% less at risk than beer drinkers.

All of this sounds pretty great, right? While studies are still being conducted and benefits are being uncovered, remember it is important to talk to your doctor if you want to get more of the inside scoop on wine drinking. Your doctor knows you best and will be able to help you decide if drinking moderate amounts of wine might be beneficial for you.

How to Celebrate (hint: it involves wine)!

So, now that you have the excuse that wine can actually be good for you, you’re probably ready to celebrate National Wine Day. Here are some great ways to enjoy the day, especially since it’s on a weekend this year!

  • Plan a winery tour – There are lots of small and privately owned wineries all across America. Doing a quick online search in your region will show you which wineries are in your area. Even better, you can hire a limo or car service to take you around to the different places. There are some car services that have pre-arranged winery tours planned out. These are great ways to sample all different types of wine in one day with a scheduled designated driver. When you find a wine you like, you’ll be able to pick up a bottle on-site, making a tour the ultimate way to celebrate.
  • Go on a picnic –Plan a picnic centered around wine. Gather your friends in a nearby park and have everyone bring their favorite bottle of wine and a snack that pairs nicely. It’s also a good idea to bring a lot of plastic cups so you don’t end up mixing wines and dulling the flavors.
  • Have a wine and cheese night – It’s always fun to have people over, and this is the perfect excuse to have a relaxing evening at home with your friends. Wine and cheese is the perfect low-key way to celebrate National Drink Wine Day while also getting to eat food that matches the wine perfectly. Get a wide variety of cheeses such as hard, soft, sharp, and mild and some delicious olives and sausage or prosciutto. Voila! You have the perfect party theme, without having to cook a huge meal.

While you’re celebrating, it is good to remember that drinking wine does have one drawback – it can cause some problems for your teeth. First, the acid in wines can really damage your teeth as the acid can soften the enamel, which can be worn away leaving the nerves below exposed, which can lead to pain and tooth sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity is pretty painful, so make sure you brush your teeth well and don’t overdo it on the wine. Secondly, darker wines can really stain your teeth. If your teeth are looking dull or stained, there is a pretty easy way to help – started using whitening products. Try an at-home whitening kit to make those stains vanish and bring your teeth to that dazzling white shade you desire.

It’s Time to Celebrate!

Now that you know the wonderful benefits that wine can bring, and how to guard yourself against the drawbacks, it’s time for you to celebrate. Have fun this February 18th on National Drink Wine Day!

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Movie Star Chic on the Cheap

From the classics of Monroe and Hepburn, to the Meghan Fox and Jennifer Lawrence lookalikes, the Hollywood Movie style is a true fashion art we all want master.

It’s probably a lot easier with a group of stylists, makeup artists and personal wardrobe keepers around you; choosing the best leggings for your 'haven't even tried’ look, to contouring your feet for a pair of Gucci open top heels. Who even knew contouring feet was necessary?!

Without an entourage of experts, and a hefty pay check, the stylish look of Hollywood movie stars can be difficult to attain.  But, there are plenty of ways to look movie star chic on the cheap!

That's right, step aside Emma Stone, we've got this covered.


First things first, you'll need that all American glowing tan that anyone who's ever passed through LA or California is gifted with.

This perfect tan gives you a fab base coat for any makeup you'll be doing later. Whether you're opting for sun beds for a gradual build up, or a quick fake tan, be sure to sparkle and glow like Kylie Jenner in her 4am dawn photoshoots. 

Using a fake tan like Benefit’s Hoola Zero Tanlines (around $24) will provide a smooth coverage so you don't have to worry so much about streaks and uneven lines down the back of your legs...Plus, it has the sweetest smell!


Nothing says Hollywood Celebrity like a Simon Cowell white toothy smile. There's only one way to get those pearls looking so pristine; teeth whitening. Whilst the stars may be able to afford the highest quality teeth whitening services, an at home teeth whitening kit can provide that gleam without you emptying your bank account.

Once you've had your teeth whitened, keep up the cleaning and flossing every day and stay away from food and drink that is prone to stain your teeth. 


Though we're not sure how they manage every day activities like driving or texting, Hollywood stars are pros at wearing the longest nails known to mankind. 

Image: Rita Orla by Sophy Robson

Opting for false nails and gel polishes will give you a stable and indestructible look for a couple of weeks.

Not only are gels available at the salon, you can also buy a DIY nail art kit like the ones on offer by MoYou that have everything you need from a variety of gel polishes, stamps and image plates so you can design your own pieces of art on your fingertips.


There's a whole array of hair styles the celebs use, and we're not even sure which our favourites are. We love the braids that are a must when chilling at home or going to the gym, but red carpet chic is also a winner with so much variety.

Stepping back to the basics however, you'll need to start with deep hydrating conditioners and a strong shampoo to give you a sleek and shiny look.

Many movie stars have to look on point every day, so their hair stylists use a number of quirky and elegant styles - most start with a centre parting and this will also create a sophisticated and sassy look even when left down. 

The best thing about hair salons these days is that you can buy the products they use or head over to the supermarket to grab a few (hundred) bottles. The smell alone is glorious and the benefits of a good hair regime are endless.  

Pick up a stylist shampoo like Toni & Guy or Tresemme (an ultimate fave) and see the difference it makes to your hair. 

As for styles, Pinterest! Be strong; there's nothing those hair whizzes can do that you can't! With hairbrush in one hand and Kirby grips in the other, transform your weave into a glorious 'do ready for the catwalk. 

Make up 

Contour, strobing, smokey eye; is it all really over for the new 'no make-up makeup trend?' Absolutely not. Whilst the no make-up trend is beautiful, not one celeb could possibly say there's not a little contouring that goes into the look.

Using tiny amounts of rose gold highlighter like Topshop’s Chameleon Glow will perk up the skin, whilst a little powder will go a long way for smoothing out skin tone and leaving a matte finish. 


... but you're unlikely to see any of them attending award ceremonies without getting their face on, so learning to strobe, eyeline flick and plenty more of your classic makeup tricks will help you out when persuading the squad you've just been scouted by Hollywood.

If you're heading in the classic Hollywood direction, opt for a porcelain fresh look with a strong coverage level so block out any unevenness and imperfections. You need a totally blank canvas to operate as the most iconically beautiful women of history!  With a strong focus on those brow peaks, and liner flicks, you're set to go - without forgetting that all important red lip pout that'll make the fans weak. 

Using a foundation in a paler colour will help to replicate Monroe's renowned look. And sponge tipped eyeliner is perfect when trying to smoothly finish the eyeliner flick that so many of us have been defeated by in the past.

Color in those eye brows to add a shape that sassily says 'excuse me?' without words. And you're good to go for a walk over some air vents with your dress wafting along the way... 

But if you're enchanted by the 21st Century styles of our favourite movie stars, strobing is the game they play. Offering an added sparkle with each and every camera flash, strobing has become a way to accentuate your stardom.                                                    

Using Benefit’s Watts Up! Highlighter, cover the main sparkle points on your cheekbones, Cupid's bow, nose, brows and forehead to glow like a magical star.

Opt for a light, yet sultry smokey eye with silvers and light greys, rather than the typical charcoal shades.

For the rest, it's really your choice: bronze, foundation, lip colour and eyeliners are your playing field; go forth make up warriors!


For your red carpet appearance there are only two options: tight or flowy. There's really no in between. 

Your choices will reflect your body confidence and a tight dress, clinging in all the right places is bound to get people talking and wondering 'what is her exercise regime?!'

Celebrity style shops like My Bandage Dress or ASOS are the perfect way to find an outfit ideal for your body type without the eyewatering designer price tag. 

If you want to make a statement and stand out from the crowd like Beyoncé or JLow, you'll have to look for the flowiest attire you can find. These experts in red carpet fashion pull out all the stops with their designer dresses and everlasting trains. 

Once you've found your own favorite celeb style tricks, add them all together to create your Hollywood Movie look in minutes. All you need now is an event, an award and a Zac Efron to hold your handbag. 


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Pre Valentine’s Day Beauty Tips and Tricks to Set the Romance Meter to RED

Image: Jamiemakeup.com

If you’ve got a new boyfriend, a hot date, or a tried-and-true love, Valentine’s Day is almost like Christmas. You daydream about the sappy possibilities for this most romantic of holidays like a little kid anticipating the gifts waiting under the Christmas tree. Will your beloved send you flowers at work? Will you find one of those oversized teddy bears and a heart shaped box of assorted chocolates waiting on your doorstep? Will he take you to dinner? A concert? A romantic moonlit picnic? Will you get the kiss of your dreams at the end of the night? Take a second to sit back and picture your fantasy Valentine’s day date, and don’t hold back all the cheesy details. Now, in your mind’s eye, how do you look when you greet your beau on Valentine’s Day? Maybe you’re a vision of classic beauty, all soft curls and glittery eyes. Or you’re edgy and vampy in dark lipstick and leather. Whatever the concept, we have some tips that will help you prep your desired look for the occasion and help your V-Day fantasies come true.


Image: Tropicalserentyspa.com

As you probably know, a canvas of fresh, bump-free skin is the best way to achieve the makeup look of your dreams. Right now, we’re absolutely obsessing over the healing powers of ginger, which is a life saver for eradicating acne scars, reducing wrinkles, and even soothing untimely pimples. Guess what, you don’t have to break the bank for this fix. DIY masks might be a little extra effort, but you probably already have many of the ingredients in your kitchen. Besides, a little extra effort is worth it for the most romantic of holidays. Here’s the recipe for an at-home ginger face mask that will give you the skin you’ve always dreamed of, just in time for your Valentine’s date.


Image: review168

The perfect perfume is extra important on Valentine’s Day. It’s a fool proof way to entice your man to lean in just a bit closer, and linger next to you for just a bit longer. Maybe you already have a signature scent or maybe you’ve been thinking of trying out something new. Take Valentine’s Day as the excuse you’ve been waiting for to buy a new perfume or cologne. Mist your perfume (don’t douse it) just around your wrists and hair– you’ll give off little, tantalizing whiffs of the scent as you move, leaving him gasping for more.


While there’s really no wrong way to do your hair for Valentine’s Day, there are a few mistakes that could really ruin your evening. First off, if the style you’re planning relies heavily on hairspray, save that look for another day. Valentine’s is about romance, sure, but it’s also about touching, closeness and intimacy. No one wants to go in to stroke your hair only to run their hand through a crunchy lump of gunky, hair sprayed curls, no matter how visually appealing. In addition, any hair style that requires you to stay still for long periods of time to stay coiffed could really put a damper on your fun and should not be attempted on Valentine’s. For these reasons, we recommend simple sleek ponytails which can be easily fixed and retied if need be, or classic straightened hair for your date.


As with hair, nails that impede your ability to touch, move, and enjoy should be avoided like the plague on Valentine’s Day. Instead of gluing on long acrylics, which look glamorous but are not conducive to actually using your hands, go short and polished. But short and polished doesn’t mean boring! The color and design is where you can really have fun. You don’t have to adhere to the Valentine’s theme of reds and pinks, though you certainly can if you like. Dark blue or purple is unexpected and fun. How about flecks of glitter, dark, rich tones, matte or metallic nails? The choice is yours.


For the all-important Valentine’s Day kiss, white teeth are not only recommended, they are a necessity. This step requires a bit of advance planning, depending on how dazzling you want your smile to be. You can either opt for some classic whitening strips, or try a professional home whitening system to really show off those pearly whites.

Now you’re ready for that all important Valentine date, or you could choose to pamper yourself and stay in with your favorite movie crush! Ahh, bliss!

Images: Johnny Depp and Richard Gere

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National Self Love Day - 13th of February

There are so many days dedicated to our adoration for others: Mother’s and Father’s Day, Sibling Day and of course the ultimate day of love and affection, Valentine’s Day. With the 14th of February just around the corner, some people might feel left out, especially if they are currently single, or just too stressed trying to find the perfect present for their significant other to enjoy their day. While trying to spoil our loved ones, we often forget that there’s another special someone who deserves some pampering too: our own self. The 13th of February, also known as ’National Self Love Day’ gives us the perfect reason to finally treat ourselves. In this article I’ll give you a few ideas on how to show some love to this special You.

Start your day right

image via tumblr.com

Even if you can’t get rid of your responsibilities for the day, you can still start it right. Enjoy your favourite coffee or tea and cook up a warm and hearty breakfast. If you’re in a hurry, you can take a quick trip to your favourite coffee shop or bakery to get that creamy latte and chocolate croissant. It’s your day, you deserve it.

Take that compliment

Take that compliment

A colleague in the office tells you how much they love your outfit? Don’t just shrug it off and say ’Oh I just threw it on in a hurry.’ Smile and say thank you instead. Acknowledging something you did right is a great way to finally give some credit to yourself.

Pamper yourself

image via vogue.co.uk

You’re used to taking a quick shower after work? Not today. Fill your bathtub with warm water and enjoy the bath bomb or shower gel you’ve been keeping for a special occasion. There are tonnes of face and hair masks available, both D.I.Y. and store-bought, for you to enjoy. Light a scented candle, put your favourite song on and let an evening (or day) of pampering begin! Apply your masks, pop in your favourite Pearly Whites teeth whitening strips and leave the bathroom as a completely renewed person. If you feel like you need more, you can always head over to your hairdresser to freshen up those roots and ends, or to a spa to receive a full body treatment. The ways you treat yourself are completely up to you! There’s no such thing as ’too much’ today, so go and do everything possible to show yourself some love!

Enjoy yourself, by yourself

image via tumblr.com

That book you haven’t gotten around to read? Pick it up and start reading! That new film in the cinema that you’ve been putting off watching because all your friends are too busy? Go and watch it alone! There’s absolutely no shame in enjoying ourselves without other people. Even if having a good time includes watching cute puppy videos on YouTube, just do it! All the little things that make you happy are worth spending time on.

Do something that boosts your mood

image via huffingtonpost.com

Exercising might not be the first thing that comes to our mind when thinking about a day dedicated to just ourselves. Why do it then? Even a little jog, walk or just dancing around to your favourite songs can boost your mood significantly. Moving around a bit is one of the best ways for your body to release endorphins and to uplift your mood. Eating chocolate and laughing at the silly puppy videos mentioned above are very effective ways as well, so just pick an activity and start feeling happy!

Appreciate the little things

image via pinterest.com

That baby smiling at you on the subway or that dog running up to you at the park are things worth being happy about. So is that incredibly funny joke your friend told you or the phone call from your parents. It might seem weird to think about these things on a day completely dedicated to yourself, but appreciation towards you life results in a content mind and a happy you!

Acknowledge your strengths

image via etsy.com

Unfortunately we often focus on our negative qualities. We beat up ourselves for messing up at work or not quite looking the way we’d like to. Today is for letting go of all the negatives and acknowledging the positives. You might hate your thighs, but today is not the day to think about that stuff! Those legs make it possible for you to walk every single day or run for miles without stopping. Your loud laugh or crooked smile are all in fact super cute and cheerful and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with them. You might think messing up once is the end of the world, but just stop and think about your achievements. You’re awesome and there’s nothing stopping you, especially today!

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