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How to Get into a Positive Dental Care Routine

If you’re concerned about the health of your teeth, then you’re likely thinking about ways to improve your dental care routine. After all, just brushing your teeth might not be enough to ensure they stay healthy. Here are some tips to help you find your dental care groove, to help you take better care of your teeth and learn good oral health habits that will last a lifetime.

1. Find a toothpaste you love

If you hate your toothpaste, you will avoid using it. Even if you don’t hate the taste but aren’t thrilled with it, you could be creating a barrier to a good dental care routine. Buy a few little sample tubes or travel toothpastes and see which one leaves your mouth feeling the freshest. There are a larger variety of flavors on the market than you probably expect, so try them all! If you enjoy brushing your teeth, then you are more likely to do it consistently. Consumer Search has a helpful list of consumer reviewed toothpastes if you’d prefer to do some research before picking out a new toothpaste. The list even contains handy buttons you can click to place an amazon.com order for the products that sound best to you. That way you don’t even need to leave home to get a new toothpaste!

2. Get a cool toothbrush

While manual toothbrushes are good, they might not provide much incentive to brush your teeth. If you invest in a high-quality electric toothbrush, the chances that you will use it often will likely increase. When you invest in something, you want to make sure you get your money’s worth. Getting a sleek electric toothbrush can help you to be more excited about brushing. Electric toothbrushes also get the job done more effectively as WebMD discusses, “An electric toothbrush can cover a larger area faster, so you clean more surfaces in the same amount of time. When you brush by hand, you make about 300 strokes per minute. Compare that with the thousands -- in some cases tens of thousands -- of strokes per minute a power one makes.”

Image: Choice.com

3. Brush at the same time each day

Make brushing your teeth a habit by doing it at the same time every day. This will help you to develop a routine and stick to it. You need to make sure to brush your teeth every morning and at night before you go to bed. Another option if you work in an office, keep a toothbrush and toothpaste in your desk and brush after lunch. The more you keep up with the routine, the more it will become a normal part of your day. If you have trouble doing this, enlist a brushing buddy. It can be your spouse, kids, or sibling. Anyone you live with can join in the routine to help you make it a standard part of your day.

4. Find a dentist you like

A lot of people rank visiting the dentist as one of their least favorite things to do. This probably has a bit to do with the physical pain that is associated with dental treatments (just the sound of the drill makes some people cringe). Another factor that impacts how much people avoid the dentist is if they actually like their dentist. If you find a dentist with good skills and a winning personality, then you’ll be less likely to avoid going when you know you should. Finding a dentist you like will increase the chances that you will visit them to prevent dental problems instead of just going when there is something wrong. WebMD recommends doing a thorough search of dentists in your area, “Contact your local or state dental society. The ADA provides a list of local and state dental societies on its web site, www.ada.org.”

5. Keep floss on hand

If you ever think “I should start flossing” you’re right! You really should. Mouth Healthy explains, “The American Dental Association recommends cleaning between your teeth once a day. This is important because plaque that is not removed by brushing and flossing can eventually harden into calculus or tartar. Flossing may also help prevent gum disease and cavities.” But it’s hard to incorporate flossing into your routine unless you keep it around. The next time you go to the store, put it on your list and buy a pack or two. It’ll be harder to ignore if you have actually gone to the trouble of buying the dental floss. You can even splurge on some floss flavors that go beyond the standard waxed mint to encourage you to use the floss.

6. Keep your teeth white

Avoiding certain drinks like coffee and red wine, or foods that have are likely to stain your teeth and cause discoloration is a great way to help keep your teeth nice and white. To keep your smile even brighter you can also try over the counter whitening toothpastes or a home teeth whitening kit for added gleam.

Creating a positive dental care routine takes time and patience. Like anything, you need to be committed to the routine or it will fall by the wayside. Talk to your dentist to see if they have any suggestions on ways you can improve your oral hygiene and be sure to incorporate their suggestions into your daily routine.

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Ultimate Toothy Sayings List

Every year new expressions and sayings enter the public vocabulary, and old ones lose popularity and fall by the wayside. But some idioms have immense sticking power and have kept kicking around for hundreds – if not thousands – of years. Many of these old-timers allude to the most fundamental of human concepts: our own bodies.

And teeth, being that one strange part of our body that almost everyone will eventually lose yet manage to live without, are a particularly potent icon. Like bones we can see, our overall health can sometimes be inferred from how we treat and care for these important tools. In this era of dentures and teeth implants, we may forget how pivotal teeth were to the many generations of humans that came before us.

With that in mind, let’s take a glance at the origin and meaning of the long-lived and hard-hitting sayings that reference our teeth to describe how we interact with the world. You may find some surprising or enlightening, while others may be downright distasteful!

A Tooth For A Tooth

This classic expression has stood the test of time due in large part to its inclusion in the Old Testament. Along with the eyes, demanding a tooth be given for each one taken was a visceral demand for compensatory justice; an idea that was later made more grisly with Shakespeare’s “pound of flesh”. In essence, you not only must be punished exactly proportional for your crimes (but no more than that either), but punished out of your own body if needs be.

Getting Long In The Tooth 

It’s not human teeth this particular saying refers to, but horses. For a long time it was believed you could tell the age of a horse by its teeth due to a shallow groove that appears around 10 years old, and slowly travels down the length of the tooth as it appears to “grow out”, until it disappears again in the horse’s old age. Therefore, someone whose teeth have grown that long, must be pretty darn old. In reality, receding gums and a horse’s natural teeth variation play havoc with this system of aging, but a best guess is often better than none.

As Rare As Hens’ Teeth

Well, that’s simple enough, as hens don’t have teeth. The saying might have been on more shaky ground if it had been about geese teeth – dentists would disagree that these structures on a goose’s beak count as teeth, but if you were bitten by one I’m sure you wouldn’t appreciate the difference!

By The Skin Of Your Teeth

Most wouldn’t recognise this as another saying with biblical origin, where the first instance of it was used to describe an escape with nothing at all, except one’s life. Since then, it has come to mean something avoided or achieved by an almost infinitesimally tiny margin. If you want to consider enamel the “skin” of your teeth, you will appreciate just how thin a margin that must be.

Bare Your Teeth

Some people smile without showing a sign of their pearly whites, but others are blessed with gummy and toothy smiles, and proud to flash them around. What appears to us humans as an expression of friendly openness is almost universally a bad sign in the animal kingdom. Showing another creature your teeth is a sign of extreme aggression, because it suggests you’re about to use them!

Image: Keeweedoc

Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

Is there anyone out there that hasn’t experienced the origin of this amusing saying for themselves? Often with a big piece of cake or ice cream, and hopefully not with a huge chunk of leathery steak. What was expected to be a delightful mouthful becomes an arduous undertaking flavoured with regret.

As Bad As Pulling Teeth

Fairly self-explanatory! Anyone who has had the misfortune to experience pulled teeth will surely have a shudder of pity for those put in any remotely similar situation. This is often said about occurrences that are only a truly awful experience, but also likely to be irreversible once they’re done. Though sometimes, people look at the silver lining that once the offending teeth are pulled and gone, they can’t cause any more pain and suffering.

Give Your Eyeteeth For It

The eyeteeth are another name for the canines, and were once believed to be connected by nerves to the eye itself. Your canine teeth are particularly important for the cutting action of tearing your food into bite-sized portions, before the molars come into play to grind it down into digestible paste. Losing your canines makes your bite more impotent, your smile particularly silly-looking, and was believed to be bad for the eyes as well, hence anything you would lose them for would have to be very important indeed.

Lie Through Your Teeth

In the present day, this idiom usually means a lie told through a smile; in other words the act of a very practiced or unrepentant liar. Sometimes it is a forced grin that is referred to. In its origins in the 14th Century, however, the saying was not referring to the liar’s teeth but those of the person they spoke to. Thus one lied in someone’s teeth, just as we would not say lied in (or to) someone’s face.

Image: thequirksofenglish.co.uk

To Fight Tooth And Nail

To fight with ones teeth and fingernails is the last defence a human has after all other weapons are lost and swinging room for punches has diminished. It’s the brief and fragile moments that decide if you live or die, and it can all come down to how willing you are to use your teeth on a living creature; another example of how potent an image teeth provide.

Sink Your Teeth Into It

You may be surprised to learn that the human jaw has an average crushing power of about 170 pounds (85kg)! And your teeth are the point where all this force leaves your body and enters whatever unfortunate thing you’re biting. Indeed, the strength of your teeth is the deciding factor in how hard you can bite; the pain of unfamiliar pressure will put you off long before your jaw muscles give out. Putting your teeth into something wholeheartedly is a great way to make an impact.

Set Your Teeth On Edge

Another figure of speech with an old, biblical and Shakespearian lineage, something that sets your teeth on edge is readily recognised to be something incredibly annoying or vexing. But the original usage referred to the sensation of acid on the teeth, such as when eating acidic or vinegared foods like citrus and pickles. Perhaps the connecting factor is that when you tense up your jaw and mouth in annoyance, your teeth may tingle or become a little numb – similar to when you’ve eaten a particularly sour grape!

Image: Whattoexpect.com

Got Teething Problems?

It’s a painful thing for a baby’s first teeth to grow out, and sometimes even for the adult teeth that come in sporadically in later years. ‘Teething problems’ is the term used for problems, annoyances and hiccups that occur as someone begins to do something new to them, which are expected to go away as they become accustomed or experienced with the task in question.

A Kick In The Teeth

You may be more familiar with an alternative expression with the same meaning – to be kicked while you’re already down. The only way someone’s foot is going to easily come in contact with your teeth is if your head is on the ground. And kicking you at that point is very unsporting, not to mention probably extremely painful. This is a saying often reserved for life’s worst moments.

Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth

This analogy refers to the practice of checking a horse’s teeth to determine their age and thus its value. When receiving a gift, you should be thankful for it rather than be seen to be wishing for more by assessing its worth.

To Have a Sweet Tooth

This figure of speech refers to the craving or desire to eat large amounts of sweet things like candy, cakes, ice cream, pastries or anything with a sweet flavour. An example would be if you just can’t seem to get enough chocolate or lollies.

We hope you enjoyed this list of teeth idioms, proverbs and sayings and understand a little bit more about where they originated from and what they mean. If you have any more you would like to see added to this list, feel free to contact us.


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Guys, Avoid These Mistakes on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is an event that carries the loftiest of expectations. It’s a common belief that the way you ring in the New Year is an indication of the 365 days ahead. Surely, most of us will make a few mistakes during the epic night, but our style shouldn’t be one of them.  Whether it’s fashion or grooming, guys tend to fumble on a lot of the same points.  If you truly want to make New Year’s Eve a night to remember, keep the following tips in mind.

There is such a thing as underdressed

Unless you’re planning on spending the night at home watching the countdown on TV, you’re expected to dress up.  Start with the invitation for your event. If it denotes black tie, that means a tuxedo and nothing less. It’s crucial that you rise to the occasion.  If your event doesn’t specify black tie or any dress code, don’t think you’re off the hook. You’ll still need a suit or, at bare minimum, a blazer and chinos pairing.  New Year’s Eve is a special night that calls for your best look. Don’t let denim bring you down.

Don’t skip your grooming

Image: Howstodo.com

When you look back on these photos, you want to have positive memories.  But when you skimp on the grooming details, you’ll find yourself (and others) criticizing all the things you missed.  Don’t forget to take care of every last bit of grooming before you head out.

Start with your smile. This is more than just something you try to tackle the night of.  For the most effective pictures, you need a consistent teeth whitening routine so your thousand-watt smile takes center stage the way it’s supposed to. And don’t forget that lovely lady you’re hoping to kiss at midnight will expect fresh, minty breath.

And with your hair, avoid testing out any new styles on this night. Big nights like New Year’s Eve aren’t the ideal times to try something new. Instead, stick with your regular cut or classic styles.

Shoes matter

You might think your shoes are insignificant because the rest of your look is so strong.  But don’t be fooled. Shoes serve as the anchor of your look.  When they’re pristine and made of quality materials, they add a distinguished feel that makes you stand out.  When they’re cheap or dirty, they can distract from all the other aspects.  Don’t skip over this detail. Invest a little extra time (and cash) into a solid pair of classic shoes like an oxford or a loafer. If you have a great pair that’s a little worn-in, visit a professional for a shoe shine to inject them with a new lease of life.

Learn how to tie a bow tie

Unlike traditional neckties, bow ties get a bad rap because of their implied complexity. A quick scan of YouTube reveals thousands of videos about how to tie them. It’s important to stop fearing the bow tie.  And it’s crucial that you avoid a clip-on.  Clip-ons are often perfectly proportional and symmetrical.  Part of the beauty of a bowtie is its imperfection.  Every guy ties his differently and, with a tie that’s slightly askew, you add a touch of individuality to your look.  Invest an hour with a solid tutorial, and you’ll have this skill mastered. It’s not as hard as you think.

Don’t follow tradition

Just because you’re dressing up doesn’t mean you have to stick to plain black tuxedos.  Holiday jacket options are among the most daring and exciting. If you want a classic look that stands out, try a white dinner jacket or even a velvet jacket. If you’re truly adventurous, opt for red or green tartan. The pattern effectively evokes seasonal colors without seeming gimmicky or tacky. But don’t wear a full suit in this pattern. Pair your colorful jacket back to solid black pants for balance and outfit depth.

Trim your facial hair

Beard culture is big right now. For a lot of guys, New Year’s Eve falls in close proximity to No Shave November. A lot of men will be inspired to keep their beards.  But contrary to popular belief, rocking a beard isn’t as carefree as it looks. It’s necessary to keep it trimmed on a regular basis-at least once a week or every two weeks, maximum. If you aren’t confident in your own trimming skills, enlist the services of a trusted barber.  Also, don’t forget to keep your beard moisturized.  A huge factor in the appearance and texture of your beard is your daily care. Without a daily application of beard oil, your beard will become dry and tangled. For best results on the big night, make sure you pack in the moisture.

New Year’s Eve is always a stellar and memorable night, but its impact can be further enhanced by making the right style and grooming choices.


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Nail that New Year’s Party Style

After the preparation for Christmas family meetups and parties, it’s time sort out the festive outfits and experiment with party looks for the New Year’s Eve Party! This probably has to be one of the favourite parties of the year: it’s an all-night long celebration, where we all get the opportunity to pull out our craziest, most fun outfits and say goodbye to the past year.

Even during a party, fashion details count a lot: whether it’s about your nails, rings or highlighter, don’t forget to ensure every part of your look is on point. This way, you will not only look great, but also feel more confident in your appearance.

Our Nail Art Tips:

Velvet Matte


Dark mattes, especially for the winter season, are just perfect. Matte nails are dramatic and bold, they almost look like jewellery. For the New Year’s Eve party, try out something dark, such as burgundy, royal blue, dark purple or green, because these velvety, matte textures look the best with dark colours. If you want to experiment with various colours but don’t want to spend a fortune on only matte polishes, buy a mattifying top coat, which will turn any shade into matte.

Colourful French

Say goodbye to the regular French manicure and switch it up with vibrant shades such as orange, yellow and green! The technique is the same, the only thing that has changed is the colour palette. If you prefer the classic French manicure, try it out with a chic, minimalist black tip instead of the regular white.

Metallic Nails

For more subtle dresses, spice up your nails with the help of metallic nail stickers or a metal finish nail polish. You don’t have to stick with the regular shades such as silver, rose gold and gold – try out bronze, dark blue and rust nail polish. These polishes will create a metallic foil effect on your nails, leaving them super shiny. You can also create metallic decor to a regular nail polish to tone things down a bit.

Pastel Prints

If you can’t wait for spring and summer, express it with your nail art! Pastel shades such as powder pink, baby blue, mint and light yellow go well with monochrome and glitter outfits, especially if they have some print, for example dots, stripes or floral stickers. For the upcoming party, you can add a glitter French tip or a crystal pattern to it.

Fashion Tips:

All That Sparkles

Image: tumblr.com

From pearls and sequin to beads and glitter, anything that sparkles can be a good choice for the upcoming party, especially with pastel nails. No matter if it’s on your ring, nails, skirt, jacket or clutch…and who says you can’t mix them together and feature a piece on more of your clothing items?

Fun Heels

Image: vogue.co.uk

We know, they are not the most comfortable things, but heels are definitely women’s best friends. They make the legs appear longer and can make an outfit a hundred times more elegant, feminine and daring. For New Year’s Eve, pull out that outrageous pair you were always afraid to wear, practice your walk and hit the streets in them on the 31th!

Geometric Designs

Image: pinterest.co.uk

When in doubt, always go minimalist. Geometric prints, whether they are in mesh, leather or velvet are small, yet stunning touches to clothing items. They look amazing with a midi skirt or with a pencil skirt, and you can always add geometric details to your accessories as well, such as your clutch or jewellery.

Last Minute Finishing Touches:

Glitter Roots – If you want something crazy and fun, try to sprinkle temporary glitter hair dye to the roots of your hair. This controversial and modern trend is something we wouldn’t recommend for everyday life, but if you love experimenting with trends, why not give it a try?

White Smile – Of course, we can’t leave this off our list. White, healthy and strong teeth will make you look more confident and you won’t have to worry about red wine stains. Try some at home teeth whitening strips to increase the gleam.

Shimmering Oil –Nourish your body and add an extra hint of shimmer with shimmering dry oil. Instead of large chunks of glitter, try to find something that has tiny little shimmers which reflect the light.

Emergency Kit – Always have a small makeup bag in your purse with the essentials such as concealer, blotting paper, lipstick and a travel size eye shadow brush. While the blotting paper and the concealer will help you with your complexion, you will be able to handle any eye shadow fallout with the brush.


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On Trend New Year’s Eve Party Looks

New Year’s Eve Parties are great opportunities to play with fashion and show off your fun, elegant fashionista side. Whether you would like a more subtle look, a full on glam outfit or you are looking to go all out and try a completely new trend, we hope we can help inspire you to get your vogue on. From the skincare basics to makeup setting tricks and hair dye tips, we’ve got you covered.

First Things First: Get Your Skin Ready!

Hydrating Your Skin

Image: totalbeauty.com

Since you will be celebrating the New Year all night long, take a bit of time to prepare your skin. Hydrating should be the first and most important step of your routine to ensure your makeup doesn’t cake up on your skin and your skin will survive the night. As a first step, cleanse your skin and apply a hydrating mask (we recommend Origins’ Drink It Up Hydrating Mask). Besides nourishing your skin, it will make it appear more plump and glowing, which is the perfect base for your makeup.

Brighten Your Eyes

Image: tartecosmetics.com

If you prepare beforehand, you won’t have to worry about getting red or tired eyes during the night. Just before getting ready, use a gel eye patch to erase dark circles and calm your eye area, and right before grabbing that mascara and eye shadow, use eye drops. Even if you don’t have sensitive eyes, we recommend choosing eye drops that were designed to dry and sensitive eyes, because they are the most gentle way of keeping your eyes hydrated. You can even take them with you in your clutch and apply it every few hours if your eyes are getting tired.

Set Your Makeup

For any all-nighter event, setting your makeup is an essential process of getting ready to make sure your smokey eye and bold lip stays on without smudging and creasing. An amazing way besides using setting spray is to mix together liquids and powders. Just like you would normally apply powder on top of your foundation, use this trick with every step of your makeup: use cream blush before applying a powder blush and set your liquid or gel eyeliner with a hint of matte black powder.

Get a Camera-Ready Smile


A confident, white smile can complement any look, not to mention a smile will look amazing on the party photos. If you have time before stepping out of the door, use quick, efficient and gentle whitening strips to ensure you have pearly, shiny teeth.





Our Favourite Outfit and Hair Combinations:

Twisted Braids x Color Block

If you are not sure which hairstyle would you prefer or if your look just don’t feel quite pulled together enough, definitely go with braids. Whether it’s a side braid, halo or fishtail braid, these hairstyles will instantly create a show-stopper look. To match these braids, we would recommend choosing a color block dress or outfit. Colors such as royal blue and green or purple and orange matched together create a fun and playful look.

Makeup Tip: For this look, try out a glitter or matte black eyeliner and nude, peach shade lips. Play with the eyeliner and create geometric lines.

Pastel Hair x Sultry Glam

What better time to experiment with pastel hair colors than the upcoming New Year’s Eve party? If you have naturally light or blonde hair, pastel blue, pink, purple or even silver hair is a perfect option for you to spice up your look a bit. Try out a temporary hair dye and add different shades to create an ombre effect. To complement the hairstyle, choose something form fitting and a bit over the top in a nude or blush shade –a faux leather pencil dress or a mesh overlay A-line dress.

Makeup Tip: Because both the hair and the dress has a light shade, go with a cut crease eye shadow look or a burgundy lipstick. Keep the lips matte, so the focus will be on the dress and the hair style.

Old Hollywood Glam x Pop Art

Mixing together two different fashion and art eras is a bold and daring choice, especially if those two are old Hollywood glam and pop art. Start off this look by creating tight curls with the help of a curling iron and some hair spray to set everything in place. Once your hair is in beautiful, symmetrical curls, it’s time to put together your outfit. The secret of a Pop Art inspired look is to incorporate vivid shades such as red, blue and yellow. A crop top with pencil skirt and patent leather heels screams pop art fantasy, but you can also go with a dress.

Makeup Tip: The pop art outfit with these glamorous curls will look amazing with cherry red, glossy lips and a set of false lashes.

There you have our top fashion tips to looking bang on trend this New Years eve, now all you need is a hot date for when the clock strikes 12!

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