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Pearly Whites Best Home Teeth Whitening Kit
Pearly Whites Starter Kit: Gel, Trays, LED Light
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Pearly Whites DIY Dental Bleaching Kit
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Teeth Whitening Starter Pack

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The dazzlingly bright celebrity-smile of your dreams can be yours with a Pearly Whites Teeth Whitening Starter Kit.

Our DIY at home teeth whitening kits are professional grade, pain free and very easy to use. We’re certain you’ll see amazing results from the Pearly Whites Starter Kit, which has everything you need to whiten at home.

Your selfies will thank you for it!



2 x 3ml Whitening Gel - 35% carbamide peroxide (8-10 uses)
2 x Moldable Trays - for both top and bottom teeth
1 x LED Light - activates the whitening gel and speeds up the whitening process
1 x Color Chart - see the progress of your celebrity smile
1 x Instruction Manual - a full list of instructions for the best and safest whitening results

Home Dental Bleaching Kit

Do it yourself with at home teeth whitening kits


Voted Australia’s most popular at home teeth whitening brand, Pearly Whites only uses the highest grade ingredients in our whitening gel, and we sell nothing other than premium quality products. We pride ourselves on our incredible results and love to see our customers’ rave reviews. Get a Pearly Whites Teeth Whitening Starter Kit now and see the difference it can make to your #pearlywhites.


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At Home Teeth Whitening Kits

To achieve the glowing, beautiful teeth you desire, you need to find a cost-effective option that suits your budget and will provide significant results quickly. An at-home whitening kit is one of the most popular choices as it can deliver a brighter smile in a short amount of time, typically in just a few days and, with repeated treatment over several weeks, can achieve that sparkling, Hollywood celebrity smile.

Even though the bleaching gel in over the counter (OTC) kits is fast acting, they generally come at a much lower cost than in-office bleaching at the dentist or dentistry dispensed kits, as they do not require a dentist appointment or take up a dental professional’s time. The Pearly Whites whiten at-home kits offer users fairly dramatic results, with teeth looking many shades lighter at the end of the treatment period. It is important to remember that teeth are a natural ivory shade and become more yellow with age, and so the results you see will depend on the health and natural color of your teeth.


How to Use a Whitening Kit

How to use a tooth whitening kitThese OTC kits come with everything you need to help you whiten your teeth at home. First, they will come with a high quality dental grade gel that will lighten your teeth to the desired shade. They also come with moldable trays that you place the gel into before inserting the tray into your mouth. These trays should fit snugly over your teeth to ensure that the peroxide product stays close against your teeth, ensuring the best results and helping to avoid any potential sensitivity that might be caused by the gel coming into contact with the gums or soft tissues in your mouth.

To get the results you would like, it is important to read the instructions thoroughly before you begin the treatment. This will let you know how much of the teeth whitening product to apply, how to apply it, and most importantly, how long to keep it in your mouth during each whitening session. You can find the Pearly Whites kit instructions inside or on the box as well as an instructional video here.

Pros and Cons of Whitening at Home

At Home teeth whitening kits Choosing to whiten your teeth at home comes with some great advantages and a few drawbacks. Here are a few pros and cons to consider when exploring whether or not to buy an OTC dental whitening product:
  1. Pro – you’ll improve the appearance of your teeth, and you can start immediately. Since the Pearly Whites kits are available online with free delivery throughout the United States, you will be able to start the treatments as soon as you receive your kit.
  2. Pro – they are extremely budget-friendly. You get to select your price-point from the range of products available. This means you can choose a product according to what your wallet can handle.
  3. Pro – they are fairly simple. Our kits come with detailed and helpful instructions meaning you will be able to use them properly without any problems or confusion.
  4. Con – you might not get the results you desire if your teeth are extremely stained or if you have underlying dental or oral health issues. If you fear this might be the case, it is best to check with your dentist and ask their advice.
  5. Con – with some at-home kits you may not see the results as quickly as you might with some types of in-office treatments at the dentist. This is why we always ensure that the Pearly Whites kits use the same dental grade ingredients as found at most dentists.
Each at-home whitening product will come with helpful instructions that can aid in your decision making process. You need to decide how much you want to spend, how quickly you want to see results, and how dramatically different you want your smile to look. Once you have made up your mind, you can check the available products to find the whitening methods that match your requirements.

Cost of Teeth Whitening?

What does teeth whitening cost

You should consider your budget before selecting a method for whitening your teeth. While there is a wide range of products and treatments out there, not every solution makes sense for each person. For example, it would not make sense to pay hundreds of dollars for in-office treatments in a dental clinic if you only have some dullness or surface stains on the enamel.

The cheapest tooth whitening options are things you can pick up at the drugstore like whitening toothpastes or whitening mouthwashes or rinses. These methods typically are less potent or no actual bleaching ingredients and therefore will cost you less. This also means it will take longer, occasionally weeks or even months of continuous use, to see any significant improvement in tooth shade and it is unlikely that you will achieve as significant results as you would from more powerful peroxide based products. Dentists caution against over-use of whitening toothpastes as they may be abrasive to tooth enamel which can in turn cause sensitivity.

Using an OTC gel kit typically has powerful bleaching ingredients, such as carbamide peroxide, but because it costs a fraction of whitening at the dentist or cosmetic dental clinic, it’s a popular option that won’t break the bank.

Similarly, the whitening agents in whitening strips – usually the next most affordable option - will vary, which can make the price fluctuate drastically. If this is the type of product you are looking for, Pearly Whites offer a unique whitening strips product specially formulated for people who suffer from tooth sensitivity. Our strips combine the natural whitening power of activated charcoal and the antibacterial properties of coconut for a gentle, more natural treatment.

Tooth Shades Guide

How white your teeth look after you begin using a dental whitening product or treatment at the dentist will depend on the method you use and the natural color of your teeth. Typically, if you are using a store bought product like a toothpaste or mouth rinse you might only see a small improvement of a shade or two.

If you invest a bit more time and money in a dental bleaching product, you will likely see a more dramatic effect. At-home kits or a professional cosmetic dentistry treatment can give you a smile that is up to 5 or more shades lighter, depending on the quality of the product you use. Once again, the results you see will also depend heavily on what color your teeth naturally are, and how stained they were when you started.

What Causes Yellow Teeth and Stains?

What causes yellow and stained teeth

Noticeably dull, stained, or yellow teeth can have a negative impact on the way you are perceived and can even lead to significantly lower self-esteem. If you are not confident in your smile, it is important to look for the cause of the discoloration to help prevent them from becoming even worse.

Many people find that their diet greatly impacts the color of their teeth. A diet that is filled with acidic foods can cause the enamel on your teeth to erode and expose the yellow layers beneath the tooth’s surface (dentin). Dark beverages such as tea, coffee, and red wine also contribute heavily to tooth discoloration by staining the outer layer.

If your diet does not seem to be the cause of your tooth stains, then you should consider your lifestyle as that can also impact the color of your teeth. One big lifestyle factor that can impact tooth shades is smoking and using tobacco products. These can cause dulling, difficult to remove stains, and yellow discoloration on your teeth. Certain medications can also change the color of your teeth so it is important to talk to your doctor or dentist if you are taking prescription medication and see any tooth discoloration, so he or she can ensure that you have been prescribed the correct dose.

Dentist Dispensed vs Over the Counter At Home Whitening Kits

Dentist Dispensed or Over the Counter At Home Whitening Kits Getting brighter teeth means you’ll need to do more than just change your diet and stop the habits that are causing discoloration. You need to tackle the tooth stains that have already built up. This is where dental bleaching in general, and home kits in particular, can be a life saver.

When it comes to whitening kits there are two options: dentist dispensed (professional) and over the counter (OTC). Here’s what you need to know about both.

Professional grade, or dentist dispensed, kits come with powerful peroxide gel that contains effective bleaching agents. Often, these gels will be placed in trays that fit snugly over your teeth, keeping the bleaching agent in close contact with the stains on your teeth. The high strength ingredients used in these kits usually means that your dentist will have to order the kit through a company and give it to you along with detailed instructions for how you use them.

The cost is usually quite a bit higher than OTC alternatives and the results are not always better as the percentage of bleach varies widely in both professional and OTC kits. The Pearly Whites Professional dental whitening kit contains 35% CP (roughly 12% HP).

The quality and fit of the gel trays will also make a difference to how successful the whitening is. While some dentistry-dispensed kits use laboratory molds of your own teeth to ensure a perfect fit, many use moldable trays that come with instructions for you to make the impression of your teeth, and some simply contain standard trays that are “one size fits all”.

OTC at-home whitening kits are a more cost effective option. Much like the professional-grade kits, these products contain bleaching agents to help you get brighter teeth and they usually come with gel trays that fit into your mouth helping to hold the gel against your teeth. As with the dentist dispensed kits, the strength of the gel and the quality of the trays will largely determine how successful your efforts are. There are a number of different brands and kit options on the market, both online and in retail outlets, and the effectiveness should be carefully reviewed before you purchase. Online testimonials - and before and after photos - can be helpful in determining which at- home product works best. Pearly Whites has over 40,000 verified customers and you can read their testimonials and opinions on our website’s product pages.

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