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Teeth Whitening Reviews - Pearly Whites Kits & Strips

Read real opinions and comments from Pearly Whites teeth whitening customers.
We know Pearly Whites whitening products are the best - but don’t take our word for it - have a look at our customers’ beautiful white smiles in their before and after photos. Tens of thousands of people worldwide have used our DIY home teeth whitening products and here are some of them sharing photos, along with their impressions and comments.
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As if these awesome before and after photos - and the rave reviews on InstagramFacebook and Pinterest - weren’t enough --- check out just a tiny sample of the positive feedback we’ve received from verified customers:

on Jun 30, 2017

Good whitening

Works real good. thanks

on Jun 09, 2017

<3 Coconut

Very effective and much better than the chemicals people use. Coconuts and charchoal are natural magic.

on Jun 09, 2017

4 shade improvement

According to the chart that came with it, I have had a 4 shade improvement.
Hubs has not because he hasn't even opened is darn box yet.

on Jun 02, 2017

nice and easy

Worked real good, thanks.

on May 10, 2017

Nice and white

Hi I bought the starter kit from the website of pearly whites. The teeth whitener did good work on me, it took 2 times to get the shade of white I wanted (one time wasn't enough, too much coffee maybe lol!).

Good product.

on May 04, 2017

It's so gooood!!!

I love it and sure I would buy from you again

on Apr 17, 2017

Good for a quickie

This teeth whitening pen is good for a quick touch up, like when you're on the go. I got the full kit before (the one with all the syringse and the gels with the teeth lights) and that one is much better for getting a big change made, like when you need to go full dazzle dazzle. The pen is more for a quick zing than the full ta-da.

on Apr 13, 2017

It was great ! Loved

It was great ! Loved it !!

on Apr 05, 2017

The first use made my teeth extremely white

This product is really nice especially if you're trying to get white teeth over night. Works fast and efficient.. would definitely buy again

There are plenty more positive comments and testimonials - have a look at the bottom of any product page and you’ll see pages and pages of five star ratings from satisfied customers raving about the Pearly Whites range of teeth whitening kits, strips and other products. Happy customers with huge smiles full of dazzling, pearly white teeth!

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