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The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide

With Father’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to start looking around and finding the perfect gift to celebrate your dad. Although there are endless generic gift ideas, you don’t have to stick with the traditional white shirt and “Best Dad in the World” mug combination – we’ve got your back with a list of creative ideas from sporty and casual to elegant and luxurious.

The Classy Dad

image via tumblr.com

If your dad is absolutely obsessed with collecting vintage treasures and has a more elegant wardrobe than most dads, he is probably a true gentleman at heart. Whether is a collector or just generally enjoys looking elegant and classy, surprise him with something truly unique. Visit an antique boutique for inspiration: paintings, notebooks, small collectibles, special edition books and little vintage décor items and classic fragrances are all great gift ideas that he will surely love. To stick with the antique theme, choose gold, bronze, crystal or wooden décor items that have a vintage flare, and for clothes, pick out a special pair of cufflinks or tie that he couldn’t find anywhere else. Personalize your gift with a small note (especially if it’s a notebook or book) and don’t be afraid to get a bit emotional and thank him for all he’s done in the past years.

The Adventurous Dad

image via health.com

He’s always either in the park, on a backpack tour with his friends or on a vacation? For an adventurous dad, the most fitting gift idea is probably a whole new experience. Take him to somewhere new…and don’t worry, you don’t have to rob a bank and take him to Hawaii to make your gift personal and unique. Discover a new place together in your hometown or go to a small village nearby and spend the day there exploring the place. You will not only gift him the adventure of exploring something new, but you also give him your free time and the opportunity to spend a whole day with you and catch up.

The Chef Dad

image via Bloomberg.com

If your dad could watch cooking shows and talk about recipes for ages, we’ve got the perfect gift ideas for him. An impromptu cooking class with his daughter sounds perfect, right? If you’d like to surprise him with a learning session, make sure you find something special, such as an Asian cuisine guide or a baking class. If he wouldn’t really enjoy a cooking class, take him out to eat (choose a small, hidden restaurant instead of the obvious choices) or cook dinner for him. 

The Well-Groomed Dad

image via etsy.com

Gift your dad that luxurious extra with an elegant fragrance, a grooming set or a teeth whitening kit. Instead of the regular choices, try to do your research and choose something limited edition or outstanding that still fits his taste and personality. For example, if he has a specific fragrance note preference, search for colognes that have that top note with a unique blend of other ingredients, or dive into the grooming section of Etsy to find one of a kind, natural treasures. Even if your dad does not seem to be very invested in the world of grooming, he will surely appreciate a grooming or pampering gift set. Introduce him to skincare essentials with a high-quality men’s skincare brand, such as Gentlemen Floris or Nurse Jamie for Men.

The Tech-Addict Dad

image via etsy.com

Wireless headphones, waterproof phones and all that other tech stuff you don’t even know about…I know, finding a gift for a tech-addict dad might be a challenge, but there is no need to spend hours in an electronic store, trying to figure out the newest tech trends (if you’re not familiar with the topic –  you’re just like your dad, go for it and pick out something he’ll love!). Instead, stick with the fun side of technology and gift him something that is practical and shows his love for technology (such as a new laptop case).

Don’t Forget To Say Thank You

image via pinterest.com

No matter what gift you choose, ensure you include a Thank you letter or note. It doesn’t have be too long, but expressing your feelings and gratefulness will make your present a lot more personalized and will probably make him happier than any gift that you can buy.

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Guys, Avoid These Mistakes on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is an event that carries the loftiest of expectations. It’s a common belief that the way you ring in the New Year is an indication of the 365 days ahead. Surely, most of us will make a few mistakes during the epic night, but our style shouldn’t be one of them.  Whether it’s fashion or grooming, guys tend to fumble on a lot of the same points.  If you truly want to make New Year’s Eve a night to remember, keep the following tips in mind.

There is such a thing as underdressed

Unless you’re planning on spending the night at home watching the countdown on TV, you’re expected to dress up.  Start with the invitation for your event. If it denotes black tie, that means a tuxedo and nothing less. It’s crucial that you rise to the occasion.  If your event doesn’t specify black tie or any dress code, don’t think you’re off the hook. You’ll still need a suit or, at bare minimum, a blazer and chinos pairing.  New Year’s Eve is a special night that calls for your best look. Don’t let denim bring you down.

Don’t skip your grooming

Image: Howstodo.com

When you look back on these photos, you want to have positive memories.  But when you skimp on the grooming details, you’ll find yourself (and others) criticizing all the things you missed.  Don’t forget to take care of every last bit of grooming before you head out.

Start with your smile. This is more than just something you try to tackle the night of.  For the most effective pictures, you need a consistent teeth whitening routine so your thousand-watt smile takes center stage the way it’s supposed to. And don’t forget that lovely lady you’re hoping to kiss at midnight will expect fresh, minty breath.

And with your hair, avoid testing out any new styles on this night. Big nights like New Year’s Eve aren’t the ideal times to try something new. Instead, stick with your regular cut or classic styles.

Shoes matter

You might think your shoes are insignificant because the rest of your look is so strong.  But don’t be fooled. Shoes serve as the anchor of your look.  When they’re pristine and made of quality materials, they add a distinguished feel that makes you stand out.  When they’re cheap or dirty, they can distract from all the other aspects.  Don’t skip over this detail. Invest a little extra time (and cash) into a solid pair of classic shoes like an oxford or a loafer. If you have a great pair that’s a little worn-in, visit a professional for a shoe shine to inject them with a new lease of life.

Learn how to tie a bow tie

Unlike traditional neckties, bow ties get a bad rap because of their implied complexity. A quick scan of YouTube reveals thousands of videos about how to tie them. It’s important to stop fearing the bow tie.  And it’s crucial that you avoid a clip-on.  Clip-ons are often perfectly proportional and symmetrical.  Part of the beauty of a bowtie is its imperfection.  Every guy ties his differently and, with a tie that’s slightly askew, you add a touch of individuality to your look.  Invest an hour with a solid tutorial, and you’ll have this skill mastered. It’s not as hard as you think.

Don’t follow tradition

Just because you’re dressing up doesn’t mean you have to stick to plain black tuxedos.  Holiday jacket options are among the most daring and exciting. If you want a classic look that stands out, try a white dinner jacket or even a velvet jacket. If you’re truly adventurous, opt for red or green tartan. The pattern effectively evokes seasonal colors without seeming gimmicky or tacky. But don’t wear a full suit in this pattern. Pair your colorful jacket back to solid black pants for balance and outfit depth.

Trim your facial hair

Beard culture is big right now. For a lot of guys, New Year’s Eve falls in close proximity to No Shave November. A lot of men will be inspired to keep their beards.  But contrary to popular belief, rocking a beard isn’t as carefree as it looks. It’s necessary to keep it trimmed on a regular basis-at least once a week or every two weeks, maximum. If you aren’t confident in your own trimming skills, enlist the services of a trusted barber.  Also, don’t forget to keep your beard moisturized.  A huge factor in the appearance and texture of your beard is your daily care. Without a daily application of beard oil, your beard will become dry and tangled. For best results on the big night, make sure you pack in the moisture.

New Year’s Eve is always a stellar and memorable night, but its impact can be further enhanced by making the right style and grooming choices.


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5 Biggest Men’s Grooming Trends of 2016

The concept of men’s grooming trends is relatively new.  Once upon a time, men were known for their aversion to advanced and detailed maintenance routines.  Now, even the manliest men have a medicine cabinet full of skincare products.  If anything, the biggest grooming trends of the year prove that masculinity is evolving.  Exfoliating, using a vanilla-scented shampoo and rocking some under eye concealer don’t make you any less of a man (even if your workout partners might think otherwise).  For once, guys are realizing that it’s okay to take care of themselves.  And they might just gain some confidence in the process.

1. Merman Hair

Image: Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas has found his second wind as the frontman of DNCE, the group responsible for that irresistibly catchy jam, “Cake by the Ocean”.  But his career isn’t the only part of his life generating new interest.  His hair has taken on a technicolor life of its own.  From bright pink to teal, you just never know what color his hair will be when the band shows up to perform.  His Day-Glo highlights are indicative of a wider trend spreading throughout men’s grooming: merman hair.

From models to musicians to everyday hipsters, guys are coloring their hair and beards with the brightest colors they can find.  The look is fresh and whimsical.  But the verdict is still out on whether or not you can pull this off at the office. 

2. The Man Bun

Sure, the man bun has been having a moment for a couple years.  But it’s not going anywhere no matter how much women might hate it.  In case you need a refresher, the man bun is that tiny little knot that guys with long hair are sporting atop their heads.  It’s kind of like a truncated ponytail.  And guys like Harry Styles and Jared Leto have rocked it equally well on the red carpet and in the Starbucks line.

Everyone is trying desperately to predict the end of the man bun. Most recently, Business Insider took a stab at it.  But judging by the millions of man buns on Instagram, they’re not going anywhere any time soon.

3. Teeth Whitening

Your favorite fashion bloggers might be the guys you turn to for style advice.  But in the last year, they’ve also stepped up their grooming game. One of the most common features across the blogosphere is teeth whitening. Whiter teeth can have an unprecedented positive impact on our lives.

For one, selfies become instantly print-worthy. But we also reap the benefits IRL. The whiter our teeth are, the more we want to show them off. That means more smiling. And more smiling makes us all seem more approachable at work and everywhere else. Whiter teeth help boost confidence levels, and nothing attracts a potential new love interest like a megawatt smile.

4. Beards

Movember is well underway.  Guys all over the world are letting their facial hair run free to draw attention to important men’s health issues like mental illness and testicular cancer.  But our beard obsession extends far beyond these 30 days. Like man buns, every publication has speculated about the end of the beard’s popularity. But that’s just silly.

Beards have helped men look more masculine since the beginning of time.  Studies over the last few years have indicated that women find men with facial hair more attractive. And now, thanks to a booming beard care industry, there’s no shortage of products to keep beards in tip top shape.

5. No-Makeup Makeup

You’re probably thinking, “No, guys are not wearing makeup”.  But the truth is, men’s perception of makeup has changed greatly over the last couple years. They’d probably never admit that they’re wearing it but they’re slowly starting to realize the ultimate benefits.  The key here is to make sure you don’t look like you have on makeup.

This trend, known as no-makeup makeup, is benefitting men for a plethora of reasons.  If you’ve ever woken up in the morning with dark circles or unwanted pimples, makeup is the solution.  Guys are crossing to the other side in order to hide freckles, zits, dark spots and scars.  But don’t think they’ve got a compact mirror with blush, eye shadow and liner.  Instead, the 2016 man is embracing concealer and foundation in very subtle shades that still look 100% natural.

Men’s grooming, which is now a $21 billion industry, is in a sort of experimental phase.  Back in the days of the metrosexual, it was still taboo for men to have both a cleanser and a moisturizer in the bathroom.  Now, guys are feeling less inhibited and more willing to test out new ways to look their best and show off their individuality.  These top trends indicate that men are slowly seeing the benefits of caring for their personal appearance.

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5 Ways Every Guy Can Improve His Appearance

When it comes to guys and their personal appearance, no detail is too small.  There was a time when manly men poked fun at those who had a few extra skincare products in their medicine cabinet.  Today, the men’s grooming industry is a $21 billion global business. Numerous research studies have confirmed that poor personal appearance can have a negative impact on various aspects of your life from professional success to finding a life partner.  If you feel like your look is falling a little flat, don’t head to the mall to spend all your money on new clothes.  There’s a lot more to enhancing personal appearance than what’s on your back.

1. Change your skincare routine

A lot of guys think a bar of soap and some water is all they need for their skincare regime but they’re actually putting their skin in danger.  In addition to stripping their skin of its natural moisture, they aren’t thoroughly removing dirt and dead skin cells.  They also aren’t taking steps to protect their skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays, as well as other free radicals.

The first thing guys need to do is determine their skin type. Likely, you’ll have either normal, oily, dry/sensitive, or combination skin. Once you know this, you need to select a cleanser that’s designed for your specific skin type. This is important because you’ll avoid removing too much moisture.  Your skin’s natural oil, or sebum, is what helps fight off the effects of aging and stimulate new skin cell growth.  You’ll also need a moisturizer with an SPF 15 for the daytime and a rehydrating cream for the night time. Your skin does its most aggressive repair work overnight.

If you’re really into mastering your routine, pick up some toning pads. These pads are best used after cleansing your face as they help to ensure that you’ve removed every speck of dirt.  Clean pores mean you’ll avoid the buildup that causes acne.  For those rare pimples keep a mild spot treatment with benzoyl peroxide handy and at least twice a week use a gentle exfoliating wash for a deeper clean.  Focusing on your skincare ensures you have healthy, glowing skin - a must to achieve your best look.

2. Invest in teeth whitening

The foods and liquids you consume on a daily basis might be good for your body but they can cause damage to your teeth.  Let’s face it - you use your teeth every single day and, like anything you use on a daily basis, they suffer from normal wear and tear.  Especially for those guys who are heavy coffee, tea, or wine drinkers, yellowing or browning of the teeth can become problematic.  Teeth whitening is a safe and effective method to reverse the darkening effects and restore your original pearly white smile.

3. Lift weights on a regular basis

Lifting weights at least three times a week has been scientifically proven to make you look better and improve the quality of your life.  On the surface, you’ll burn excess fat and pack on lean muscle. Of course, this will help you look great in your clothes no matter what you’re wearing, but regular exercise also releases endorphins which improve your mood, and your lifting sessions help you get better shuteye every night.  Not only will you look better, you’ll also be a happier, more well rested person.

4. Keep your beard in check

Beard culture has permeated popular culture for good.  Many fashion critics refer to this period as “peak beard”. It’s likely that you currently have a beard or plan on testing the waters at some point in the near future. If you do, don’t just let your beard grow wild without intervention.  To keep the hair soft and healthy, invest in a great beard oil.  It’ll help keep your beard and the skin underneath moisturized.  You’ll need to use a beard wash or shampoo every other day to get rid of the crumbs and grime and you’ll still need to visit the barber every couple weeks to make sure you’re trimming off unhealthy growth and keeping everything in order. 

If you aren’t planning on growing a beard, think about this: a study from the Journal of Evolutionary Biology revealed that women found men with facial hair more attractive, masculine, and capable of protecting them. It’s worth your consideration.

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5. Change your diet

Your body reflects the quality of the fuel you put in it.  If you have a daily trip to McDonald’s on your schedule, you might want to reconsider.  Lean meats, vegetables, fruits, and plenty of water will help improve the condition of your skin, fight off unwanted weight gain, and give you more energy to conquer the day.  For extra effect, invest in a probiotic supplement or natural drink like kefir to make sure your gut bacteria stays in fighting shape.

Improving your appearance isn’t just some frivolous experiment. With these five tips, you can make long-lasting adjustments that will change your life for the better - for good.

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