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Guys, Avoid These Mistakes on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is an event that carries the loftiest of expectations. It’s a common belief that the way you ring in the New Year is an indication of the 365 days ahead. Surely, most of us will make a few mistakes during the epic night, but our style shouldn’t be one of them.  Whether it’s fashion or grooming, guys tend to fumble on a lot of the same points.  If you truly want to make New Year’s Eve a night to remember, keep the following tips in mind.

There is such a thing as underdressed

Unless you’re planning on spending the night at home watching the countdown on TV, you’re expected to dress up.  Start with the invitation for your event. If it denotes black tie, that means a tuxedo and nothing less. It’s crucial that you rise to the occasion.  If your event doesn’t specify black tie or any dress code, don’t think you’re off the hook. You’ll still need a suit or, at bare minimum, a blazer and chinos pairing.  New Year’s Eve is a special night that calls for your best look. Don’t let denim bring you down.

Don’t skip your grooming

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When you look back on these photos, you want to have positive memories.  But when you skimp on the grooming details, you’ll find yourself (and others) criticizing all the things you missed.  Don’t forget to take care of every last bit of grooming before you head out.

Start with your smile. This is more than just something you try to tackle the night of.  For the most effective pictures, you need a consistent teeth whitening routine so your thousand-watt smile takes center stage the way it’s supposed to. And don’t forget that lovely lady you’re hoping to kiss at midnight will expect fresh, minty breath.

And with your hair, avoid testing out any new styles on this night. Big nights like New Year’s Eve aren’t the ideal times to try something new. Instead, stick with your regular cut or classic styles.

Shoes matter

You might think your shoes are insignificant because the rest of your look is so strong.  But don’t be fooled. Shoes serve as the anchor of your look.  When they’re pristine and made of quality materials, they add a distinguished feel that makes you stand out.  When they’re cheap or dirty, they can distract from all the other aspects.  Don’t skip over this detail. Invest a little extra time (and cash) into a solid pair of classic shoes like an oxford or a loafer. If you have a great pair that’s a little worn-in, visit a professional for a shoe shine to inject them with a new lease of life.

Learn how to tie a bow tie

Unlike traditional neckties, bow ties get a bad rap because of their implied complexity. A quick scan of YouTube reveals thousands of videos about how to tie them. It’s important to stop fearing the bow tie.  And it’s crucial that you avoid a clip-on.  Clip-ons are often perfectly proportional and symmetrical.  Part of the beauty of a bowtie is its imperfection.  Every guy ties his differently and, with a tie that’s slightly askew, you add a touch of individuality to your look.  Invest an hour with a solid tutorial, and you’ll have this skill mastered. It’s not as hard as you think.

Don’t follow tradition

Just because you’re dressing up doesn’t mean you have to stick to plain black tuxedos.  Holiday jacket options are among the most daring and exciting. If you want a classic look that stands out, try a white dinner jacket or even a velvet jacket. If you’re truly adventurous, opt for red or green tartan. The pattern effectively evokes seasonal colors without seeming gimmicky or tacky. But don’t wear a full suit in this pattern. Pair your colorful jacket back to solid black pants for balance and outfit depth.

Trim your facial hair

Beard culture is big right now. For a lot of guys, New Year’s Eve falls in close proximity to No Shave November. A lot of men will be inspired to keep their beards.  But contrary to popular belief, rocking a beard isn’t as carefree as it looks. It’s necessary to keep it trimmed on a regular basis-at least once a week or every two weeks, maximum. If you aren’t confident in your own trimming skills, enlist the services of a trusted barber.  Also, don’t forget to keep your beard moisturized.  A huge factor in the appearance and texture of your beard is your daily care. Without a daily application of beard oil, your beard will become dry and tangled. For best results on the big night, make sure you pack in the moisture.

New Year’s Eve is always a stellar and memorable night, but its impact can be further enhanced by making the right style and grooming choices.


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