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6 Unusual Gifts for Coffee Lovers

With the holidays approaching, you may be wondering what to buy for the coffee lover in your life. Or maybe you’re trying to figure out how to treat your own coffee loving self to something a little different this year. Of course, you could always go with the obvious winner and just buy a stocking full of amazing coffee. But why not channel some of that caffeinated creativity into a more unusual gift? Top off your mug and check out these unique ideas for gifting the coffee lover in your life something special this year.

Coffee Making Alarm Clock

The Barisieur coffee and tea maker alarm clock

Image Source: Barisieur ltd

The best part about this gift is that it works great with a coffee lover’s schedule. All they have to do is get the coffee maker ready the night before and set the alarm. The alarm clock will wake them up to a perfectly brewed cup every morning. It’s high tech, useful, and they will sing your praises when they roll out of bed to a hot and ready cup of joe. This gift is spot on for those late night, creative types who struggle through their mornings.

At Home Teeth Whitening Kit

This is the gift all coffee lovers need (whether they know it or not). Coffee drinkers need that morning buzz to get them smiling in the morning, and they need this gift to keep them smiling each and every day. At home teeth whitening means no stressful, expensive trips to the dentist and no shame from that 3 (8?) cups a day habit. Show you care about your favorite coffee drinker with the gift of an at home teeth whitening kit. It’s just what the lifelong coffee lover needs. Their selfies will thank you!

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Aromatherapy Pen

Sleepy MONQ aromatherapy pen

Image Source: monq.com

An aromatherapy pen is perfect for coffee fiends who spend most of their day on a caffeine high. This unique diffuser of essential oils can help center and relax you after a long day, or in the middle of a hectic week. There is a variety of oil blends to choose from, but many offer relaxing and soothing properties. This is ideal for those who may have a hard time falling asleep after all those cups of coffee throughout the day.

Home Herb Garden

No matter how your coffee obsessed friend chooses to brew their morning cup, there are always the same unpleasant leftovers: coffee grounds. Normally, these little soggy messes are the worst part of making coffee, but you can give the perfect gift to turn that around. Coffee grounds are notoriously excellent for fertilizing plants so why not get the coffee lover in your life their own little kitchen herb garden where they can put those grounds to good use.

Netflix Subscription

If the lovers of coffee banded together to elect a queen, it would definitely have to be Lorelei Gilmore from the hit series, Gilmore Girls. The entire show centers around the fabled mother-daughter duo and their insatiable need for coffee (and other things, but mostly it’s about the coffee). With the new additions to the franchise hitting Netflix this month, it’s the perfect time to binge watch all the old seasons and drink as much coffee as possible! 

The Perfect Mug

When you love coffee you can never have too many mugs. Search on Etsy and other creative places to find a one-of-a-kind mug that reflects their unique interests. Whether it’s labor doodles, a TV show, or Shakespearian insults; you’re sure to find a quirky mug that will have them laughing and thinking of you each time they use it. It’s a gift that shows you know them and what they love best.

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