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Movie Star Chic on the Cheap

From the classics of Monroe and Hepburn, to the Meghan Fox and Jennifer Lawrence lookalikes, the Hollywood Movie style is a true fashion art we all want master.

It’s probably a lot easier with a group of stylists, makeup artists and personal wardrobe keepers around you; choosing the best leggings for your 'haven't even tried’ look, to contouring your feet for a pair of Gucci open top heels. Who even knew contouring feet was necessary?!

Without an entourage of experts, and a hefty pay check, the stylish look of Hollywood movie stars can be difficult to attain.  But, there are plenty of ways to look movie star chic on the cheap!

That's right, step aside Emma Stone, we've got this covered.


First things first, you'll need that all American glowing tan that anyone who's ever passed through LA or California is gifted with.

This perfect tan gives you a fab base coat for any makeup you'll be doing later. Whether you're opting for sun beds for a gradual build up, or a quick fake tan, be sure to sparkle and glow like Kylie Jenner in her 4am dawn photoshoots. 

Using a fake tan like Benefit’s Hoola Zero Tanlines (around $24) will provide a smooth coverage so you don't have to worry so much about streaks and uneven lines down the back of your legs...Plus, it has the sweetest smell!


Nothing says Hollywood Celebrity like a Simon Cowell white toothy smile. There's only one way to get those pearls looking so pristine; teeth whitening. Whilst the stars may be able to afford the highest quality teeth whitening services, an OTC whitening kit can provide that gleam without you emptying your bank account.

Once you've had your teeth whitened, keep up the cleaning and flossing every day and stay away from food and drink that is prone to stain your teeth. 

Find out more about Hollywood Stars and their Pearly Whites

Read all about Celebrity Dental Tricks


Though we're not sure how they manage every day activities like driving or texting, Hollywood stars are pros at wearing the longest nails known to mankind. 

Image: Rita Orla by Sophy Robson

Opting for false nails and gel polishes will give you a stable and indestructible look for a couple of weeks.

Not only are gels available at the salon, you can also buy a DIY nail art kit like the ones on offer by MoYou that have everything you need from a variety of gel polishes, stamps and image plates so you can design your own pieces of art on your fingertips.


There's a whole array of hair styles the celebs use, and we're not even sure which our favourites are. We love the braids that are a must when chilling at home or going to the gym, but red carpet chic is also a winner with so much variety.

Stepping back to the basics however, you'll need to start with deep hydrating conditioners and a strong shampoo to give you a sleek and shiny look.

Many movie stars have to look on point every day, so their hair stylists use a number of quirky and elegant styles - most start with a centre parting and this will also create a sophisticated and sassy look even when left down. 

The best thing about hair salons these days is that you can buy the products they use or head over to the supermarket to grab a few (hundred) bottles. The smell alone is glorious and the benefits of a good hair regime are endless.  

Pick up a stylist shampoo like Toni & Guy or Tresemme (an ultimate fave) and see the difference it makes to your hair. 

As for styles, Pinterest! Be strong; there's nothing those hair whizzes can do that you can't! With hairbrush in one hand and Kirby grips in the other, transform your weave into a glorious 'do ready for the catwalk. 

Make up 

Contour, strobing, smokey eye; is it all really over for the new 'no make-up makeup trend?' Absolutely not. Whilst the no make-up trend is beautiful, not one celeb could possibly say there's not a little contouring that goes into the look.

Using tiny amounts of rose gold highlighter like Topshop’s Chameleon Glow will perk up the skin, whilst a little powder will go a long way for smoothing out skin tone and leaving a matte finish. 


... but you're unlikely to see any of them attending award ceremonies without getting their face on, so learning to strobe, eyeline flick and plenty more of your classic makeup tricks will help you out when persuading the squad you've just been scouted by Hollywood.

If you're heading in the classic Hollywood direction, opt for a porcelain fresh look with a strong coverage level so block out any unevenness and imperfections. You need a totally blank canvas to operate as the most iconically beautiful women of history!  With a strong focus on those brow peaks, and liner flicks, you're set to go - without forgetting that all important red lip pout that'll make the fans weak. 

Using a foundation in a paler colour will help to replicate Monroe's renowned look. And sponge tipped eyeliner is perfect when trying to smoothly finish the eyeliner flick that so many of us have been defeated by in the past.

Color in those eye brows to add a shape that sassily says 'excuse me?' without words. And you're good to go for a walk over some air vents with your dress wafting along the way... 

But if you're enchanted by the 21st Century styles of our favourite movie stars, strobing is the game they play. Offering an added sparkle with each and every camera flash, strobing has become a way to accentuate your stardom.                                                    

Using Benefit’s Watts Up! Highlighter, cover the main sparkle points on your cheekbones, Cupid's bow, nose, brows and forehead to glow like a magical star.

Opt for a light, yet sultry smokey eye with silvers and light greys, rather than the typical charcoal shades.

For the rest, it's really your choice: bronze, foundation, lip colour and eyeliners are your playing field; go forth make up warriors!


For your red carpet appearance there are only two options: tight or flowy. There's really no in between. 

Your choices will reflect your body confidence and a tight dress, clinging in all the right places is bound to get people talking and wondering 'what is her exercise regime?!'

Celebrity style shops like My Bandage Dress or ASOS are the perfect way to find an outfit ideal for your body type without the eyewatering designer price tag. 

If you want to make a statement and stand out from the crowd like Beyoncé or JLow, you'll have to look for the flowiest attire you can find. These experts in red carpet fashion pull out all the stops with their designer dresses and everlasting trains. 

Once you've found your own favorite celeb style tricks, add them all together to create your Hollywood Movie look in minutes. All you need now is an event, an award and a Zac Efron to hold your handbag. 


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Nail that New Year’s Party Style

After the preparation for Christmas family meetups and parties, it’s time sort out the festive outfits and experiment with party looks for the New Year’s Eve Party! This probably has to be one of the favourite parties of the year: it’s an all-night long celebration, where we all get the opportunity to pull out our craziest, most fun outfits and say goodbye to the past year.

Even during a party, fashion details count a lot: whether it’s about your nails, rings or highlighter, don’t forget to ensure every part of your look is on point. This way, you will not only look great, but also feel more confident in your appearance.

Our Nail Art Tips:

Velvet Matte


Dark mattes, especially for the winter season, are just perfect. Matte nails are dramatic and bold, they almost look like jewellery. For the New Year’s Eve party, try out something dark, such as burgundy, royal blue, dark purple or green, because these velvety, matte textures look the best with dark colours. If you want to experiment with various colours but don’t want to spend a fortune on only matte polishes, buy a mattifying top coat, which will turn any shade into matte.

Colourful French

Say goodbye to the regular French manicure and switch it up with vibrant shades such as orange, yellow and green! The technique is the same, the only thing that has changed is the colour palette. If you prefer the classic French manicure, try it out with a chic, minimalist black tip instead of the regular white.

Metallic Nails

For more subtle dresses, spice up your nails with the help of metallic nail stickers or a metal finish nail polish. You don’t have to stick with the regular shades such as silver, rose gold and gold – try out bronze, dark blue and rust nail polish. These polishes will create a metallic foil effect on your nails, leaving them super shiny. You can also create metallic decor to a regular nail polish to tone things down a bit.

Pastel Prints

If you can’t wait for spring and summer, express it with your nail art! Pastel shades such as powder pink, baby blue, mint and light yellow go well with monochrome and glitter outfits, especially if they have some print, for example dots, stripes or floral stickers. For the upcoming party, you can add a glitter French tip or a crystal pattern to it.

Fashion Tips:

All That Sparkles

Image: tumblr.com

From pearls and sequin to beads and glitter, anything that sparkles can be a good choice for the upcoming party, especially with pastel nails. No matter if it’s on your ring, nails, skirt, jacket or clutch…and who says you can’t mix them together and feature a piece on more of your clothing items?

Fun Heels

Image: vogue.co.uk

We know, they are not the most comfortable things, but heels are definitely women’s best friends. They make the legs appear longer and can make an outfit a hundred times more elegant, feminine and daring. For New Year’s Eve, pull out that outrageous pair you were always afraid to wear, practice your walk and hit the streets in them on the 31th!

Geometric Designs

Image: pinterest.co.uk

When in doubt, always go minimalist. Geometric prints, whether they are in mesh, leather or velvet are small, yet stunning touches to clothing items. They look amazing with a midi skirt or with a pencil skirt, and you can always add geometric details to your accessories as well, such as your clutch or jewellery.

Last Minute Finishing Touches:

Glitter Roots – If you want something crazy and fun, try to sprinkle temporary glitter hair dye to the roots of your hair. This controversial and modern trend is something we wouldn’t recommend for everyday life, but if you love experimenting with trends, why not give it a try?

White Smile – Of course, we can’t leave this off our list. White, healthy and strong teeth will make you look more confident and you won’t have to worry about red wine stains. Try some at home teeth whitening strips to increase the gleam.

Shimmering Oil –Nourish your body and add an extra hint of shimmer with shimmering dry oil. Instead of large chunks of glitter, try to find something that has tiny little shimmers which reflect the light.

Emergency Kit – Always have a small makeup bag in your purse with the essentials such as concealer, blotting paper, lipstick and a travel size eye shadow brush. While the blotting paper and the concealer will help you with your complexion, you will be able to handle any eye shadow fallout with the brush.


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On Trend New Year’s Eve Party Looks

New Year’s Eve Parties are great opportunities to play with fashion and show off your fun, elegant fashionista side. Whether you would like a more subtle look, a full on glam outfit or you are looking to go all out and try a completely new trend, we hope we can help inspire you to get your vogue on. From the skincare basics to makeup setting tricks and hair dye tips, we’ve got you covered.

First Things First: Get Your Skin Ready!

Hydrating Your Skin

Image: totalbeauty.com

Since you will be celebrating the New Year all night long, take a bit of time to prepare your skin. Hydrating should be the first and most important step of your routine to ensure your makeup doesn’t cake up on your skin and your skin will survive the night. As a first step, cleanse your skin and apply a hydrating mask (we recommend Origins’ Drink It Up Hydrating Mask). Besides nourishing your skin, it will make it appear more plump and glowing, which is the perfect base for your makeup.

Brighten Your Eyes

Image: tartecosmetics.com

If you prepare beforehand, you won’t have to worry about getting red or tired eyes during the night. Just before getting ready, use a gel eye patch to erase dark circles and calm your eye area, and right before grabbing that mascara and eye shadow, use eye drops. Even if you don’t have sensitive eyes, we recommend choosing eye drops that were designed to dry and sensitive eyes, because they are the most gentle way of keeping your eyes hydrated. You can even take them with you in your clutch and apply it every few hours if your eyes are getting tired.

Set Your Makeup

For any all-nighter event, setting your makeup is an essential process of getting ready to make sure your smokey eye and bold lip stays on without smudging and creasing. An amazing way besides using setting spray is to mix together liquids and powders. Just like you would normally apply powder on top of your foundation, use this trick with every step of your makeup: use cream blush before applying a powder blush and set your liquid or gel eyeliner with a hint of matte black powder.

Get a Camera-Ready Smile


A confident, white smile can complement any look, not to mention a smile will look amazing on the party photos. If you have time before stepping out of the door, use quick, efficient and gentle whitening strips to ensure you have pearly, shiny teeth.





Our Favourite Outfit and Hair Combinations:

Twisted Braids x Color Block

If you are not sure which hairstyle would you prefer or if your look just don’t feel quite pulled together enough, definitely go with braids. Whether it’s a side braid, halo or fishtail braid, these hairstyles will instantly create a show-stopper look. To match these braids, we would recommend choosing a color block dress or outfit. Colors such as royal blue and green or purple and orange matched together create a fun and playful look.

Makeup Tip: For this look, try out a glitter or matte black eyeliner and nude, peach shade lips. Play with the eyeliner and create geometric lines.

Pastel Hair x Sultry Glam

What better time to experiment with pastel hair colors than the upcoming New Year’s Eve party? If you have naturally light or blonde hair, pastel blue, pink, purple or even silver hair is a perfect option for you to spice up your look a bit. Try out a temporary hair dye and add different shades to create an ombre effect. To complement the hairstyle, choose something form fitting and a bit over the top in a nude or blush shade –a faux leather pencil dress or a mesh overlay A-line dress.

Makeup Tip: Because both the hair and the dress has a light shade, go with a cut crease eye shadow look or a burgundy lipstick. Keep the lips matte, so the focus will be on the dress and the hair style.

Old Hollywood Glam x Pop Art

Mixing together two different fashion and art eras is a bold and daring choice, especially if those two are old Hollywood glam and pop art. Start off this look by creating tight curls with the help of a curling iron and some hair spray to set everything in place. Once your hair is in beautiful, symmetrical curls, it’s time to put together your outfit. The secret of a Pop Art inspired look is to incorporate vivid shades such as red, blue and yellow. A crop top with pencil skirt and patent leather heels screams pop art fantasy, but you can also go with a dress.

Makeup Tip: The pop art outfit with these glamorous curls will look amazing with cherry red, glossy lips and a set of false lashes.

There you have our top fashion tips to looking bang on trend this New Years eve, now all you need is a hot date for when the clock strikes 12!

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Get That New Year’s Eve Sparkle!

Imagine the scene: Looking into the sky on that oh-so-magical New Year's Evening, watching the fireworks as the clock strikes midnight… You turn to your love interest as they turn to you... only to be looking at a watery, puffy pale face, sniffly nose and a chapped lipped pout. Not the image you’ve been dreaming of.

Image: Instyle Magazine

New Year's Eve tends to involve parties, drinks, plenty of fireworks and most importantly; romantic moments. For some, New Year's Eve is a significant event - offering a fresh start and a new chance at a fairy-tale love story.

This is why so many of us girls will spend way more time on styling ourselves for a NYE party with friends, than a special Christmas get together with the family. So stay ahead of the game and get preparing and planning now for the big Cinderella style evening! Because once the clock turns midnight, the New Year has begun, and anything is possible. 

If you're out to watch the fireworks, a cool and sleek 'frost and ice' look with plenty of strobing and white sparkle will help counteract the pale and cold skin you'll have as the evening temperature drops. MACs Mineralise Skinfinish Lightscapade highlighter not only looks irresistibly pearly, it also helps to keep that ice cold glamour look on all the right places on your face and body.

Waterproof mascara is obviously a must for any outdoor adventure - even when wearing false lashes (which is always a great way to make yourself feel more dressy!) - as looking up at the firework’s in the sky is bound to lead to a little eye leakage. So don't let it ruin the moment, or your make up!

Add a few loose, low curls to your hair and work effortlessly with an adorable bobble hat to keep yourself warm.

Alternatively, why not try for an elegant, yet lazy-girl top knot like Lily Rose Depp? Pair with fluffy ear muffs for a very Scream Queens look, and finish off with a matt nude lipstick like Revlon’s Super Lustrous stick to complete the natural beauty style that hits the ‘no makeup makeup’ trend right on the head.

Image: HaperBazaar

Staying in? A wise choice. House parties are dinner parties the perfect choice for any New Year's event: It gives you a chance to socialise with everyone, rest your feet after a week-long heel-fest, of course, and master new makeup looks and show them off to all the gals.

Just because the festival season is over, doesn't mean the styles have to leave! Especially when they enhance your inner unicorn vibes… Be your own firework with face glitter and sequins to really look the part. This spacey Silver Holographic Chunky Glitter by Karizma will do just the trick.


Paired with metallic nail varnishes, and our beloved smokey eye, you're set for a quirky night in, or an underground rave if the night takes you there!

Image: Glamour Magazine

Indoors, the hair world is your oyster – so whether to go for a sleek high ponytail, or a chic straight do, the choices are endless without having to consider the weather. 

Image: Stylish Wife

For a truly sophisticated style, a Smokey eye with charcoal and slates and slithers of silver can never go amiss at this time of year. This look is totally mesmerising and combined with a killer, irresistible pout and an elegant up-do, you’ll have your crush right where you want them for the monumental moment of midnight.

Image: Glamour

As for that cheeky smile? Top up your Christmas teeth whitening with whitening strips, whitening toothpaste, polish or pearl drops to keep them looking fresh, clean gleaming. The season of drinking and eating will have discoloured your whites a little, so keep to your cleaning and flossing regimes as much as possible.

With regards to the late night and cold breeze that’s bound to take a toll on your skin, remember to keep moisturized in the upcoming month, along with keeping those lips smooth and silky. It’s tricky to prevent chapped lips in the festive season, when things tend to be a little cooler, late nights are a regular occurrence, an alcohol is certainly on the cards, so keep those playful flavored Lush lip Scrubs (helpful and delicious) and balms close at hand.

All that’s left to master is the natural sparkle in your eye that shows the world you’re ready and excited for what 2017 has to bring!

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Get Ready to Glow this Holiday Season

Mulled wine, gold and silver decoration and gorgeous fairy lights… Christmas parties have that wonderful magic about them. These seasonal events provide the perfect excuse to pamper yourself and create a showstopper look with a gorgeous outfit and chic makeup. To help you get ready, from the first steps to the finishing touches, our team has created a list with all the most important details.

The First Steps

Pamper Yourself

Unfortunately, we don’t always have time to take long, luxurious, baths and spoil ourselves, but it’s time to start pampering yourself once or twice a week. Slide into the bathtub and choose a relaxing, energizing bath bomb with scents such as lavender, cinnamon, vanilla and almond. Scented, vegan bath bombs (such as the ones from Lush) are great aromatherapy solutions for hydrating and nourishing your skin, not to mention they turn the bath water into delightful shades of lilac, pink or turquoise…could you ask for anything more?

Our recommendation: Lush Bath Bombs, especially the one called Cinders. They smell absolutely amazing and will turn your bath into a colourful, bubbly Wonderland.

Become a Bronzed Goddess


If you are not regularly self tanning, you might have become a bit pale during the winter months. For the Christmas dinners and parties, give yourself an extra special glow and bronzy effect with the help of a shimmer oil. Bronzing shimmer oils can be used all over your body, and along with adding tone to your legs and arms while giving you that beautiful tan, these oils are also very hydrating. Although it won’t permanently stain your skin, the bronzy, glowing effect will stay on throughout the night.

That Lovely Bright Smile

Nothing goes better with a beautiful makeup look and slightly tanned skin than pearly, white teeth. A pretty smile will make a huge difference to your whole appearance, and will also make you feel more confident. Pay attention to your regular routine: make sure to use a whitening toothpaste and floss daily and try to avoid drinking red wine and smoking, which can easily stain your teeth. You can also try out an easy whitening treatment at home that will give you that instant “wow” effect.

Our recommendation: Pearly Whites Australia has an amazing solution if you are looking for a teeth whitening system (whether strips or a full set) at home.

The Perfect Outfit


For something classy and edgy at the same time, a little red dress is the perfect choice. No matter what your skin tone, red will really give you the wow factor, so it’s worth giving it a try and stepping back from the LBD during the festive season and adding that splash of colour. Traditional A-line dresses are fantastic if you are going for that sophisticated and elegant look, but if you want something red for the afterparty, we would recommend a figure hugging silhouette.

Sequin Details

Although a very popular material during the festive season, Christmas fashion doesn’t necessarily have to be sparkly from head to toe. Instead of going with the obvious choice of a sequin dress, add little sequin details to your outfit, such as glittery sleeves, a sequin detailed kimono or a crystal choker.

Metallic Finish

Another good trick to capture the shine without sticking with the traditional dress options is to choose something with a metallic finish. Pleated skirts, clutch bags or crop tops – there are endless ways of creating a unique outfit with metallic details. If you love the concept but aren’t too sure about the material, put a hint of metallic shine into your makeup instead with a silver or golden eyeliner.

Christmas Makeup

Glitter Liner

Mix up your regular makeup look and leave out the traditional black liner from your routine! Instead, to create an outstanding look, grab a glitter liner (or a gel textures glitter eye shadow) and draw a line either on your upper or lower lash line. For the upper lash line, try out a dramatic Smokey eye with a shimmery silver liner, or for the lower lash line, go for something more fun and colourful (such as an emerald green liner). Don’t forget to set your makeup with a setting spray, and to ensure your liner stays in place throughout the night, set the liquid liner with a hint of glitter pigment powder.

Berry Love

Berry lipstick shades are daring, eye-catching and have an instant teeth whitening effect…no wonder they are the absolute favourite shades of the Christmas and winter season. If your dress has a light colour, try out a super dramatic, dark coloured liquid lipstick, or match a black or royal blue dress with a more vibrant colour. Make sure to keep the balance with your makeup as well – if using glitter eye shadow, stick with a matte finish liquid or cream lipstick.

Festive Highlight

When it comes to Christmas party make up, don’t be afraid to play with highlighter. Grab a cream highlight stick and apply it to the cheekbones, tip and bridge of the nose, Cupid’s bow and temple. Try out something new, such as a highlighter with a slight, colour-correcting lavender undertone, but make sure your highlighter is more reflective than chunky and glittery.

You should now be armed with everything you need to ooze festive glamour and sophistication this Christmas party season, so get into those glad rags and paint the town red!

Images: Courtesy of Polyvore

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