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Get That New Year’s Eve Sparkle!

Imagine the scene: Looking into the sky on that oh-so-magical New Year's Evening, watching the fireworks as the clock strikes midnight… You turn to your love interest as they turn to you... only to be looking at a watery, puffy pale face, sniffly nose and a chapped lipped pout. Not the image you’ve been dreaming of.

Image: Instyle Magazine

New Year's Eve tends to involve parties, drinks, plenty of fireworks and most importantly; romantic moments. For some, New Year's Eve is a significant event - offering a fresh start and a new chance at a fairy-tale love story.

This is why so many of us girls will spend way more time on styling ourselves for a NYE party with friends, than a special Christmas get together with the family. So stay ahead of the game and get preparing and planning now for the big Cinderella style evening! Because once the clock turns midnight, the New Year has begun, and anything is possible. 

If you're out to watch the fireworks, a cool and sleek 'frost and ice' look with plenty of strobing and white sparkle will help counteract the pale and cold skin you'll have as the evening temperature drops. MACs Mineralise Skinfinish Lightscapade highlighter not only looks irresistibly pearly, it also helps to keep that ice cold glamour look on all the right places on your face and body.

Waterproof mascara is obviously a must for any outdoor adventure - even when wearing false lashes (which is always a great way to make yourself feel more dressy!) - as looking up at the firework’s in the sky is bound to lead to a little eye leakage. So don't let it ruin the moment, or your make up!

Add a few loose, low curls to your hair and work effortlessly with an adorable bobble hat to keep yourself warm.

Alternatively, why not try for an elegant, yet lazy-girl top knot like Lily Rose Depp? Pair with fluffy ear muffs for a very Scream Queens look, and finish off with a matt nude lipstick like Revlon’s Super Lustrous stick to complete the natural beauty style that hits the ‘no makeup makeup’ trend right on the head.

Image: HaperBazaar

Staying in? A wise choice. House parties are dinner parties the perfect choice for any New Year's event: It gives you a chance to socialise with everyone, rest your feet after a week-long heel-fest, of course, and master new makeup looks and show them off to all the gals.

Just because the festival season is over, doesn't mean the styles have to leave! Especially when they enhance your inner unicorn vibes… Be your own firework with face glitter and sequins to really look the part. This spacey Silver Holographic Chunky Glitter by Karizma will do just the trick.


Paired with metallic nail varnishes, and our beloved smokey eye, you're set for a quirky night in, or an underground rave if the night takes you there!

Image: Glamour Magazine

Indoors, the hair world is your oyster – so whether to go for a sleek high ponytail, or a chic straight do, the choices are endless without having to consider the weather. 

Image: Stylish Wife

For a truly sophisticated style, a Smokey eye with charcoal and slates and slithers of silver can never go amiss at this time of year. This look is totally mesmerising and combined with a killer, irresistible pout and an elegant up-do, you’ll have your crush right where you want them for the monumental moment of midnight.

Image: Glamour

As for that cheeky smile? Top up your Christmas teeth whitening with whitening strips, whitening toothpaste, polish or pearl drops to keep them looking fresh, clean gleaming. The season of drinking and eating will have discoloured your whites a little, so keep to your cleaning and flossing regimes as much as possible.

With regards to the late night and cold breeze that’s bound to take a toll on your skin, remember to keep moisturized in the upcoming month, along with keeping those lips smooth and silky. It’s tricky to prevent chapped lips in the festive season, when things tend to be a little cooler, late nights are a regular occurrence, an alcohol is certainly on the cards, so keep those playful flavored Lush lip Scrubs (helpful and delicious) and balms close at hand.

All that’s left to master is the natural sparkle in your eye that shows the world you’re ready and excited for what 2017 has to bring!

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