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Celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day, 28th February

A fun day to celebrate, especially if you have smaller children in your family is the National Tooth Fairy Day, on the 28th February. This day is all about taking proper care of your pearly whites – so it’s not just a good lesson for the kids, but also for you!

The Tradition of the Tooth Fairy

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It all started in the mid-1920s, as a way to encourage and remind children to take care of their teeth, eat in a healthy way and get a good night sleep. The Tooth Fairy actually came to life in 1927, when a small booklet about oral care for children was first printed out. After that, nothing could stop the imagination of people and the tooth fairy rumours became real for children all around the world. This also encouraged children to overcome the trauma of their teeth falling out as they are promised a small reward from the tooth fairy.

Fun Things to Do On National Tooth Fairy Day If You Have Children:

It’s important to raise awareness and “celebrate” this day with your kids or little cousins. Explain to them about the importance of having healthy teeth and taking care of them by eating healthy food and cutting down on sugar. To make it more fun for them, here are a few things that every 2-6 year old will enjoy:

  • Making Healthy Snacks: Fresh vegetable sticks with hummus and sour cream dips and their favourite movie is a great plan for this day
  • Reading a Book about The Tooth Fairy: There are various books available related to the tooth fairy and dental care. If your children are smaller, they will definitely enjoy a story about the adventures of the tooth fairy
  • Tooth Fairy Colour Books: If they are obsessed with colouring, print out a few tooth fairy images they can colour in while chatting about the importance of the keeping their teeth healthy

Things You Can Do For Yourself

For adults, National Tooth Fairy Day is all about realizing the importance of taking care of your teeth properly. Besides looking great on photos and feeling more confident about your smile, dental care is also important for your own health. No one wants to deal with sensitive and bad teeth or sensitive gums, and with a few minutes each day, you can make sure to avoid these problems.

Brushing your teeth 2-3 times a day, flossing, using mouth water, cutting down on sugary snacks and drinks and avoiding eating too hot and too cold food that can make your teeth sensitive is all on the list for proper oral care. Another thing you can do during this is visiting your dentist for a regular dental check.

Spoil Yourself…

…with a teeth whitening session. What better day can you imagine for a teeth whitening session than the national day for dental care? Invest in an at home teeth whitening kit to get those teeth pearly white.

So enjoy National Tooth Fairy day by taking care of your teeth, and remember to say CHEESE!

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