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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is the special occasion of the year when you can celebrate the wonderful woman who raised you, supported you and helped you get through the hardest days. To show how much your relationship with your mother means to you, we collected the most personal, unique gift ideas that will make both of you relax and enjoy the day!

Gift Her The Experience

There is probably nothing better than to take a day off and spend it with your loved one – and Mother’s Day is the perfect time to do that. Make her forget all her issues and stresses and surprise her with a special program that will make her feel loved and cherished.

Mother-Daughter Dinner

This has to be one of our favorite gift ideas that can be easily personalized. Every mother deserves a night off, and with a dinner and a bottle of wine, you will help her relax and enjoy the night while chatting through the evening. To make the experience more personal, take her to her favorite place or do your research and find a hidden little restaurant that she will adore.

Don’t forget to reserve a table well in advance and don’t rush things. Forget about time and spend the whole evening chatting with her. It will be a huge difference from the regular 20-30 minute phone calls, and she will definitely appreciate it.

Spa Day

Another mother-daughter favorite besides the traditional “dinner dates” are Spa Days, which are great if your mother is a fan of massages, face masks and pamper days. Taking her to a spa, where you two can enjoy a Jacuzzi, a body scrub and a facial will definitely be a memorable day for her, especially if she is going through a stressful time.

Museum Tour

If your mother is into fine art, literature and architecture, she will adore the idea of a personal museum tour around the city with a takeaway coffee or lunch in a chic cafe. This program will not only give her the opportunity to relax and visit all the new exhibitions she was missing out on, but will also let you connect on another level as you discuss the pieces and your responses to them.

The Gift of a Whiter Smile

Your mother would prefer to stay at home rather than going out? Surprise her with an at-home pamper day together with a teeth whitening session. With the best friends pearly white teeth whitening kit, you can both enjoy a home spa day while making sure each have a luxurious, stunning white smile, perfect for those mother-daughter photos.

Last Minute Trip

We all deserve a bit of luxury in our lives, and if your mother has been incredibly busy recently and has had no time to relax at all, a last minute surprise trip will be the perfect gift for her. You don’t have to book a super expensive hotel and plan a fancy getaway trip – it’s all about going out of town for a few days and relaxing, basically anywhere.

DIY Surprise

Inviting her over and cooking a brunch or dinner is a very traditional and personal Mother’s Day gift, which gives you the opportunity to talk during the day in a personal atmosphere. Being just the two of you at home will help you discuss everything and forget about the world for a second, which is the perfect Mother Day’s program.

If you can’t be with your mother in person…

Don’t stress too much about it! There are still some classic ways to splurge her on Mother’s Day.

If she is a collector of any specific makeup brand or clothing item, she would surely love another piece in her collection, but instead of just randomly choosing a bag or lipstick, search for the perfect one, such as a limited collection makeup set or an evening dress that she can wear for special occasion. Another great way to surprise her on Mother’s Day is to give her something personalized, such as a small, silver charm bracelet. The most important thing to you mom will be that you remember and appreciate all those little (and big) things she has done for you throughout your life.


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