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Maintaining Your Pearly Whites

Using our Pearly Whites products is an investment in your teeth. With Pearly Whites, you earn a pristine, glistening white smile. It’s a smile that exudes confidence. It’s a smile that you value. It’s a smile that you want to maintain. That’s why we’re going to take a moment to mention a few things to do to keep your pearly whites clean, healthy, and white!

Keeping Your Teeth Clean & Healthy

There are the obvious steps that we all should take to keep our chompers clean and our mouth healthy: Brushing at least twice per day, or brushing after every meal; flossing before brushing; and using mouthwash to tackle bacteria that causes plaque. In addition, it’s essential to visit the dentist often for more thorough cleanings. But there are a few tips that you may not yet know!


Consider investing in a Waterpik (or oral irrigator). These nifty little machines shoot a jet of water between teeth and into gums to remove more debris and bacteria. Although they shouldn’t be utilized to replace regular flossing (regular flossing is still necessary for removing debris that has clung to the surfaces of your teeth), they can further clean your teeth. Traditional floss falls short in that it can’t clean below the surface of your gums. That’s the beauty of the Waterpik, and it’s why you may want to add a Waterpik to your daily dental essentials.

The Power of Cinnamon

Sugar-free cinnamon-flavored chewing gum can save you from cavities! Who’d have guessed that a stick of chewing gum has the power to help your teeth? Sugar-free cinnamon-flavored chewing gum contains aldehyde, an ingredient that can help to wipe out bacteria that may otherwise cause cavities. In addition, chewing gums that contain xylitol can also help you to reduce oral bacteria. Pop in a stick or two of sugar-free gum per day to keep bacteria at bay.

Clean Your Teeth with Food!

Sticky foods are the bane of teeth. So are foods that are destined to get stuck between your teeth. Also, there are sugary foods, acidic foods, and foods that make bacteria prolific. Fortunately, there are also foods that can help you clean your teeth; they can even help to wash away more harmful foods! Reach for crisp veggies at the end of a meal to give your teeth a break from other foods. Carrots and celery are excellent options when you’re looking for that brushed-teeth feel while you’re without access to a toothbrush.


Water aids in whole-body health just as much as it aids in your oral health. Chase meals and drinks with a few gulps of water, and feel free to swish and gargle. You’ll remove a bit of debris, and you’ll mitigate the growth of bacteria. On top of that, when you hydrate, you’re giving your salivary glands much of the material they need to produce saliva. Saliva is essential for digestion, and it keeps your mouth and teeth healthy, so drink plenty of water every day!

Staying Pearly White

When it comes to staying pearly white, you can always count on Pearly Whites USA. We’re your source for in-home teeth whitening products. Getting the whitest pearly whites is simple with our line of whiteners.

On-The-Go Whitening Pen Express

Simple, fast, and effective, our Whitening Pen Express gives you the power to whiten your teeth while you’re on the go. Simply use the pen to place a bit of gel over the surface of your teeth. Leave the gel on for 15 to 30 minutes. Rinse. And voila! Your pearly whites are pristine! This product is perfect for maintaining white teeth, and it’s great for boosting the effects of our professional teeth whitening system.

Get Going with Our Starter Pack

Want to give our professional teeth whitening system a trial? Our starter pack will give you a taste of the power of our professional teeth whitening system. This pack comes with the basics: Two 3 ml whitening gel syringes, two moldable mouth guards, and one LED light to activate the whitening gel.

Turn Pro with Our Professional Teeth Whitening System

Similar to the Starter Pack, but so much better, our in-home Professional Teeth Whitening System comes with one desensitising gel syringe, three whitening gel syringes, two moldable mouth guards, a mouth guard carrying case, an LED light, a color shade chart to track your progress, and an user’s manual. Get professionally whitened teeth from the comfort of your home at a fraction of the cost of a dentist’s whitening.

Double Down with Our Best Friends Pack

Why not whiten your teeth together with a bestie? With our Best Friends Pack, you can do just that. Track each other’s progress, and get pearly white smiles at the same time! And use the color shade chart to keep track of your results. The Best Friends Pack includes two Professional Teeth Whitening System Packages.

Comfort Calls with Our Coconut & Charcoal Whitening Strips

Coconut oil and charcoal make a powerful whitening combination in these whitening strips. Charcoal soaks up stains from your teeth while coconut oil wipes out bacteria and reduces gum inflammation. Your mouth will feel great and look pearly white. This product is especially useful for those with sensitive teeth.

Are you curious about any of our products? Feel free to get in touch with a Pearly Whites representative or check out our frequently asked questions.

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