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From Sunscreens to Bronzing Oils: Summer Vacation Beauty Must-Haves


After the chilly winter and spring season, we can’t wait for the summer holiday season! Besides relaxing and enjoying the new environment on your holiday, there are a few beauty essentials that will make your holiday even more fun and refreshing. We collected our top beauty must-haves, which will definitely come in handy for any travel – from busy cities such as Barcelona and Lisbon to secret getaway destinations such as Crete.

Skincare Essentials:


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We know, it’s not a particularly interesting item on the beauty list … but it’s definitely one of the most important ones. Sunscreen can not only protect you from the sun (and the horrible feeling of sunburns), they can also make your tan look more intense and natural.

Body Scrub

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Keep your skin energized, soft and smooth with a natural body scrub. If you wouldn’t like to splurge on it too much, you can make your own from sugar, rosemary, lemon and olive oil or coconut oil. While the sugar will exfoliate your body, the different oils will nourish your skin and keep it hydrated.

Bronzing Beauty Oil

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To add a bit of extra shimmer and glow to your skin and keep your tan looking beautiful, bring a small bottle of bronzing oil with you! It will look amazing for a night out, or a breakfast on the beach. If you are having troubles with getting a tan naturally, choose a tanning beauty oil to get that beautiful, bronzed look.

Toner Water

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A toner water (especially in a spray bottle) will help you in refreshing your skin and whole body during the hottest days. For an antibacterial and refreshing effect, choose a toner with tea tree oil extract and rose oil in it.


Water Based Hydrating Primer

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Because of the warm weather, say goodbye to heavy textures and balm primers that can clog your pores – a gel or water based, hydrating primer will get your skin ready while hydrating your face. If you are looking for a drugstore option, we recommend trying out the Nivea Hydrating Primer, which has a very light, gel formulation that absorbs into the skin in seconds, preparing it for foundation.

Light Coverage Foundation

image via pinterest.com

image via pinterest.com

A tinted moisturizer would probably be the most skin-friendly option, but if you are having struggles with acne or redness, go for a light coverage liquid foundation or concealer. Try to leave any heavy cream or powder foundation at home (with the warm weather, heavy formulas will only crease on your skin and make it look more oily). To reach a flawless finish, gently tap the product to your spots and red areas and fix it with a face mist.

Tinted Lip Balm

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It’s the perfect time for coral, berry and pink lip balms! Summer is the season for glossy and creamy finishes, so instead of a regular matte finish lipstick, experiment with glosses and even glitter lip toppers!

Waterproof Mascara

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A curling and lengthening black mascara can bring the biggest change to no-makeup makeup looks, so don’t forget to pack your favourite mascara with you! Choose a waterproof version that will work well, even if you are going to a waterpark or have a long, hot day of discovering a new place.

Gel & Cream Blushes

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Sometimes powders don’t really work well during summer and hot weather, so instead of caking a powder blush to the cheeks of your apples, try out a gel or liquid blush and gently tap it into your skin. Find a shade that matches your lipstick, or to spare some space in your luggage, bring a 2 in 1 blush and lip tint (such as Bobbi Brown’s Rouge Pot), and don’t be afraid to try out something vivid, such as a deep pink or terracotta shade.

Hair Care:

Dry Shampoo

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A travel size bottle of dry shampoo will be your savior when you just don’t have time to wash your hair before a night out or dinner. We love dry shampoos because they have a light, refreshing texture to them that can spare you a quick hair wash.


Teeth Whitening Pen

Taking a full teeth whitening kit on your journey might be a bit difficult (especially if you are traveling with smaller luggage), the perfect option to save yourself time and room in your luggage is a small teeth whitening pen if you want to keep your pearly white smile!

Cleansing Wipes

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A pack of universal skin cleansing wipes will be your best friend during travelling if you’d like to refresh your face or keep your hands sanitized.

All these essentials will ensure you are camera ready for the memories you’ll create this summer on your vacation.  If you’re looking for help to ensure your smile is camera ready look no further than the 10 benefits of teeth whitening (physical and psychological).  Now, enjoy your summer!



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