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National Self Love Day - 13th of February

There are so many days dedicated to our adoration for others: Mother’s and Father’s Day, Sibling Day and of course the ultimate day of love and affection, Valentine’s Day. With the 14th of February just around the corner, some people might feel left out, especially if they are currently single, or just too stressed trying to find the perfect present for their significant other to enjoy their day. While trying to spoil our loved ones, we often forget that there’s another special someone who deserves some pampering too: our own self. The 13th of February, also known as ’National Self Love Day’ gives us the perfect reason to finally treat ourselves. In this article I’ll give you a few ideas on how to show some love to this special You.

Start your day right

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Even if you can’t get rid of your responsibilities for the day, you can still start it right. Enjoy your favourite coffee or tea and cook up a warm and hearty breakfast. If you’re in a hurry, you can take a quick trip to your favourite coffee shop or bakery to get that creamy latte and chocolate croissant. It’s your day, you deserve it.

Take that compliment

Take that compliment

A colleague in the office tells you how much they love your outfit? Don’t just shrug it off and say ’Oh I just threw it on in a hurry.’ Smile and say thank you instead. Acknowledging something you did right is a great way to finally give some credit to yourself.

Pamper yourself

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You’re used to taking a quick shower after work? Not today. Fill your bathtub with warm water and enjoy the bath bomb or shower gel you’ve been keeping for a special occasion. There are tonnes of face and hair masks available, both D.I.Y. and store-bought, for you to enjoy. Light a scented candle, put your favourite song on and let an evening (or day) of pampering begin! Apply your masks, pop in your favourite Pearly Whites teeth whitening strips and leave the bathroom as a completely renewed person. If you feel like you need more, you can always head over to your hairdresser to freshen up those roots and ends, or to a spa to receive a full body treatment. The ways you treat yourself are completely up to you! There’s no such thing as ’too much’ today, so go and do everything possible to show yourself some love!

Enjoy yourself, by yourself

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That book you haven’t gotten around to read? Pick it up and start reading! That new film in the cinema that you’ve been putting off watching because all your friends are too busy? Go and watch it alone! There’s absolutely no shame in enjoying ourselves without other people. Even if having a good time includes watching cute puppy videos on YouTube, just do it! All the little things that make you happy are worth spending time on.

Do something that boosts your mood

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Exercising might not be the first thing that comes to our mind when thinking about a day dedicated to just ourselves. Why do it then? Even a little jog, walk or just dancing around to your favourite songs can boost your mood significantly. Moving around a bit is one of the best ways for your body to release endorphins and to uplift your mood. Eating chocolate and laughing at the silly puppy videos mentioned above are very effective ways as well, so just pick an activity and start feeling happy!

Appreciate the little things

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That baby smiling at you on the subway or that dog running up to you at the park are things worth being happy about. So is that incredibly funny joke your friend told you or the phone call from your parents. It might seem weird to think about these things on a day completely dedicated to yourself, but appreciation towards you life results in a content mind and a happy you!

Acknowledge your strengths

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Unfortunately we often focus on our negative qualities. We beat up ourselves for messing up at work or not quite looking the way we’d like to. Today is for letting go of all the negatives and acknowledging the positives. You might hate your thighs, but today is not the day to think about that stuff! Those legs make it possible for you to walk every single day or run for miles without stopping. Your loud laugh or crooked smile are all in fact super cute and cheerful and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with them. You might think messing up once is the end of the world, but just stop and think about your achievements. You’re awesome and there’s nothing stopping you, especially today!


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