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Halloween makeup: What's on trend for 2016

Each year there are common themes that emerge, and makeup artists use this opportunity to show off their intricate makeup skills. Of course, this year is no different, with a roll out of gruesome horror glam, evil Disney characters, to fun flirty looks involving illusions of melting, candy and sugar as well as ice-cream girls.

Sugar Girls

Girls just wanna have fun, especially when it involves the need to dress up, choosing an outfit and of course – deciding on how to do your makeup. Your Halloween doesn’t have to involve a dark or gruesome look. Why not chuck on a pastel coloured wig and have a play with your makeup collection and turn into a cute ice-cream girl? Melting looks and candy and sugar inspired tutorials are exploding all over YouTube for Halloween, and the best part is you don’t need a steady hand to apply that sugar! Desi Perkins does a great take on a melting ice-cream girl, which can be adapted to add in your own personal touch with actual candy or sugar. Our selection consists of a few of the most noteworthy tutorials and photos in this niche genre so your look will certainly be getting all the attention.

Keep in mind that both melting candy inspired makeup and gore inspired looks combined together are also at the top of the Halloween makeup list this year. You can pull a few things out from your pantry such as hundreds and thousands, and instead of putting them on top of cupcakes, use them on your eyebrows! Adding SPX makeup to only certain parts of your face such as one cheek, jaw line or neck will help you nail a “sugarfiend” look. Popular US YouTuber Nicole Guerriero created a Sugarfiend, candy killer look. The tutorial is a great example of how you can combine both cute and girly elements with dark gore.

Zombie Glam

If you are the type of girl who loves her gore and horror and doesn’t mind getting a bit nitty gritty when in search of a potential costume, then zombie like glam is for you. Everyone is getting on the half-face trend, meaning you don’t have to cover your whole face in prosthetics; there is always the option to leave your eyes out to show off fluttery lashes, or give yourself some sultry lips (whilst the other part of you is oozing fake blood).

Check out this zombie glam tutorial by loved by all Lauren Curtis, who demonstrates a great example of how you can still look glamorously gory. If you are a beginner, or not confident, in using prosthetics and still want to achieve a gore look check out Shani Grimmond’s beginner Bloody Mary tutorial which doesn’t use any prosthetic materials. The only special effects item is blood gel.

Have a look a few of our favourite examples when it comes to gory horror makeup looks ranging from those who are beginners to advance SFX makeup junkies.

Evil Disney

If you aren’t thrilled about getting (fake) blood on your hands, but still want to achieve that sassy mystical look we’ve got you covered. Evil Disney queens and characters are some of the most popular go to’s for this Halloween. It looks difficult to achieve, but follow this tutorial by Amanda Ensing to get the face of Alice in Wonderland’s Cheshire Cat. Don’t forget, it’s all in the details; you can sculpt out triangles with black nail polish, to give you the illusion of claw like nails. If you want to add a different spin on Cheshire Cat makeup, have a look at our top picks below.

Each Halloween, a handful of evil queens seem to rule. This year Snow White and the seven dwarfs’ Evil Queen, and Cruella De Vil are wearing the Halloween crown.  Take inspiration from Jaclyn Hill’s interpretation of this evil queen to get that flawless stand-out-from-the crowd look. Jaclyn’s tutorial is easy to achieve, and if you aren’t too confident with winged liner (or any liner in general) don’t forget to utilise some scotch tape. As mentioned in Jaclyn’s video, try using a flat top brush for the lower lash line to ace the sharp, tight look.

There is plenty of ways to modify your makeup look, because Halloween is about becoming anything. Remember that dark makeup is all the more impressive when contrasted by luminous white teeth (especially when seen at night!). Make sure your efforts aren’t let down by dull, yellow fangs. To ensure your teeth are as neon white as the Cheshire Cat’s give ‘em a quick once over with our whitening kits or strips.

Stay on trend by designing your own creation with our top 3 main trends: horror glam, evil Disney queens and characters, and melting candy inspired adaptations.

Happy Halloween!


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